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Sep 6, 2008, 7:46 PM

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Re: [angeline84ng] Shih Tzu Skin & Eye Problem

Just for your info, any food you tried also have to try at lease 3 weeks and ensure you don't feed any other food during that 3 weeks. There are certain dog food like Purina 1 and Science Plan also have special dog food for the sensitive skin. Usually these type of food (e.g Science Plan for sensitive skin) we can only get it from certain vet, and it is more expensive than the usual dog food. As you mentioned you have tried lamb and rice, actually lamb and rice is good for the skin but it doesn't means that it suits your puppy. Because you do not what type of food that make your puppy skin sensitive, it is the possibility that sometimes the ingredient in the dog food also it will make your puppy skin sensitive (e.g. preservative), as we do not know. It's depend also. I did that too last time for my lovely Viz, I sent him to a few vets also. He makes me worried for few months. I have tried so many types of dog food and it doesn't work at all. He will be fine with only two types of food, one is the Nutri Balance and the other one is Sava. Sava is imported from Singapore, the biscuit is made without any preservative. Dog is just like human, "Sensitive" the scope is very big, different dog has different type of sensitive food. My Viz is really sensitive, sometimes I fed him with some human food or chicken meat also, I can see his skin start changing so we are very be careful now. I can't say that your lovely puppy 100% suit the Nutri Balance Sweet Potatoes flavour, because as I do not know what is the actual type of food that make your puppy skin sensitive. Nutri Balance also has the vege flavour. Actually I have a few dogs, after changing their food. The vet also praised that their fur become nicer and asked me what type of food I am feeding them.

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