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K9 Maniac

Feb 14, 2007, 1:27 AM

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Re: [billyli3] Got a question about beagle furs..

Wow.. im sure its a good experience. Im so far else sure will go there to take a look at all the beagles. His beagles all know how to hunt right ? I think if put my whiskey in the jungle he sure being bullied by snakes or whatever animal. He's not agressive and very gentle in nature.

Ya dog being dog really they know its wrong but their natural instinct to bite is stronger than knowing its wrong so they cannot help it but bite. So u just try to avoid him out of reach of things that u dun want him to bite. I think buy lots toys for him will help. Whiskey got lots toys oh. haha..

Hey, u shd have train him when he was much younger like 2 - 3 months old that time. They absorb like sponge and very smart one. Now also not too late but need more time I think since he has developed his dominant traits and own character liao.

Hahaha.. "incomplete"... u sounds really frus with him..

Why not try clicker training wor.. were u the one asking me bout it last time ?

ya bout the ears .. yalor i think whiskey's one a bit shorter leh compare to whoopy.. slightly longer a bitbit shd be better..

i will post up photos on whoopy and whiskey meeting soon then u can see.

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