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Canine Addict

May 11, 2004, 6:48 PM

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Re: [nathalie] *Mak's chat zone*

u wanna see panda? easy lah! take a bus to KL and look for me. sure u'll see a BIG PANDA who didn't sleep well since months ago.Laugh

actually u can see panda at Hong Kong's Ocean park. i was there and suprisingly met two beautiful pandas. so happy to see them. and one of them even "bang sai" infront of me. for the first time in my entire life i saw panda's poo. greyish green and looks not so gross afterall.

well, Guang Xi is at the south of China and it is now late spring to early summer. the weather is just like us but the breeze is cooling. better avoid going to China during winter especially for old ppl as lot's of them tends to fall sick when they couldn't stand the extremem weather. well, the air is dryer than ours and u should bring some lip balm to keep your lips moist.

make sure u take enough water with u. and eat fruits and take vit C. and don't miss the "bizzare toilet" of China.

well, i have some relatives at China (they r my grandpa's cousins' childrens) but didn't really keep in touch as they treat us like "the goose who lay golden eggs". tired of them. try to treat them good but they treat u as piggy bank only. i also wonder if i should go back to visit my grandpa's village coz i'm worry they might "strip my skin off" coz i have no money.


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