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 Photo Gallery of Dalmatian of Derrick KOK

From Left > Right  MalCh. LangkokShe'sDawan. Kushadow Taming TheShrew. MalCh. KushtiJayaKok. MalCh. Kushadow She'sDawan. MalCh. KushadowChickasaw. MalCh. KushawoeMidsummerNite'sDream. KushadowDaphnis&Chloe. KushadowAsULikeIt. Aust & MalCh. Dalmewdow Aston Tirrold.

MalCh stand for Malaysian Champion


Aust & MalCh. Dalmewdow Aston Tirrold.
Sire : Aust Ch. Bvavissimo of Washakie
Dam : Dalmeodow Briania

MalCh. LangkokShe'sDawan.
Sire : Aust & Mal Ch. Dalmeodow Aston Tirrold
Dam : MalCh. Kushti Jaya Kok

Kushadow As U Like It. 
Sire : Aust & Mal Ch. Gemcourt Othello
Dam : MalCh Kushadow She's Dawan
If you are looking for good quality Dalmatian, please call Mr. Derrick Kok at 03-56330809
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