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Foul breath & dental problems.


Dec 11, 2001, 3:45 PM

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Foul breath & dental problems. Can't Post

We see no advantage as far as hair coat or skin quality is concerned with those on canned foods. Probably the most important advantage of using dry foods and feeding them dry is that the abrasive action of eating them is good for the dog's teeth and gums. Dog's that constantly eat any of the softened foods always have more dental problems ranging from tarter and plaque build up, abscesses, tooth loss and gum disease. Any or all of these cause bad breath. The only thing we dislike more than canned or pre-moistened foods for dogs is table scraps. We strongly recommend never starting because once you do, it never stops.

Above article was an extract from Leopui's Breeding and Whelping Part 4. which is available for all to view in this forum.
If 2 experienced breeders shared the same opinion, and most veterinarians also agreed that bad breath in doggy's mouth derived from diet, there must be some truth in our statements.
So, for those who are having problems with bad breath in doggy's mouth, a change of diet may solve your problem. As for doggy with a thick layer of tartar you best visit your veterinary surgeon and ask him to descale the tartar first, otherwise, changing in diet will have no effect. For those doggy only started to show sign of having tartar a marrow bone from either cow, pig or sheep will do the trick. A word of caution when giving you dog a marrow bone. Do not allow him to grind its teeth into the shank, only the knuckles at both ends will normally be suffice to remove the lightly coated tartar.
I hope this article should help, members who are having problems with doggy's bad breath!


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