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How to Housebreak a Pup

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Sep 18, 2003, 12:49 PM

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How to Housebreak a Pup Can't Post

Hey guys! I'm getting my first puppy in 1 month, and have no clue on how to potty train it? I have heard about the cage training, but wondering if there is any other way. I would hate to have it stuck in there while I'm out. I work so close I'd walk home a few times a day to check on it, but still. Is there any other way? And if not, how exactly do you train it to go to the bathroom in designated areas?

If you guys have any other helpful information on Papillon's let me know. I'm so excited!!!!



Sep 18, 2003, 5:51 PM

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Re: [Parvaneh] How to Housebreak a Pup [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello....welcome to the club! Wat kind of breed is your puppy? I owned a shih tzu. I trained my shih tzu to toilet by putiing a newpaper at the area i want him to do his bussiness. The first surely he will not pee at the his doggy toilet wan. I will scold him if he din pee at his doggy toilet and immediately after he pee, i will put him at the newpaper. If he succed to pee at his doggy toilet, i will praise him wit a treat. Hope wat i tell u can help u!


Sep 18, 2003, 6:31 PM

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Re: [Parvaneh] How to Housebreak a Pup [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello ... Smile

Just do a search on the internet ... there are many sites for the Papillon breed ... here is a start ...


As for housetraining ... this is an extract from another thread ... You can also do a SEARCH POST on "potty training" or "crate training" ...

Basic tips:Housetraining

The basic idea of housetraining (or potty training) is to teach the pup to eliminate where you want:

(a) First: you have to decide where you want your pup to eliminate ... Some people want it done outside while others want it done in the bathroom (where its easier to clean up) ... For a small dog like the Papillon - indoor would probably be easiest.

If you choose to use an indoor area as the potty area, then you can (as suggested by strawberry ... lay newspaper on the floor to mark the potty area).

(b) Second: You have to teach the pup where to go to eliminate. You cannot tell him - so you actually will have to SHOW him ...

In order to show a pup this - you have to observe/supervise the pup carefully & figure out the times when your pup needs to pee & poop (as mentioned before - a pup may need to pee & poop up to 10 times a day).

But most common, a pup will usually want to eliminate after a meal or a drink. At this age, the pup will need 2 meals a day.

(c) Third: When you think the pup wants to eliminate ... you have to take or carry the pup to the designated spot and then wait till the pup does it's business ... then praise & reward ... thus teaching the pup where it has to go and that it has done good and this is repeated until the pup understands ...

With consistency, it should take 2 to 5 days to get some kind of routine set ... and another week or so ... for the habit to be properly grounded ...

There are many methods to teach housetraining ... Some use newspaper, others use a clicker ... etc ...

It's very difficult to teach the various methods & technics (or to know which will be most effective for you) over the internet ...

Please get a good training book/manual. Most good training books/manuals will explain why and how to house train and offer various methods to train ...

The key to effective housetraining whichever method you use is - consistency & more consistency ... You do have to watch the pup very diligently over the first 14days ... and use lots of praise & treats ...

Cheers ... Smile


Sep 19, 2003, 2:23 AM

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Re: [Parvaneh] How to Housebreak a Pup [In reply to] Can't Post

hi, welcome to the club, since you have a small furkid, you can try paper training.you can start conner amall area, likr your kitchen or bathroom where your doggie can move around while you are not a home, let said ypur kithcen , you have cover the whole area with newspaper, so when ever your kid poo or pee it will be on the newspaper, on the first week then on second week you cover half the area, see whether poo or pee on the newspaper, if he do his business there, get a conner and place only 2 to 3 newspaper on the floor if he success poo and pee there again, so put 1piace newspaper will do, he start do his business there,


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