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Sep 8, 2002, 7:21 AM

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hi ppl,

i feel terribly sori for my rockie cos i hv to cage him in his crate the whole day. one of the reasons i don't let him roam freely inside the apt is bcos he may pee and pooh all over the place and mum will be terribly mad! on one hand i love to keep him and on the other, i realised i simply can't spend tht quality time with him. anyway, for the first time, since his arrival 1.5 mths ago, i plan to bring him to the park for a walk tmr, finally. the other concern i hv is regarding any ruling for keeping pets in a condo/apt environment - is it technically alright? i guess the other reason for not taking rockie out was the fear of the neighbour complaining abt keeping him in the condo, shud they see him.

pls share your thoughts with me.........



Sep 8, 2002, 4:47 PM

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Re: [rockie] I FEEL SORI FOR MY ROCKIE [In reply to] Can't Post


If I did not remember wrongly, there is a rule set by the local authority in Malaysia, we are not allowed to keep any household pet in the apartment/condo. But most of times, it is also very much depending on how flexible/acceptance ur neighbours, property management office is? Unsure
Before I adopted my doggy, I have actually purchased a condo and now, it seems to me that I have to either sell/rent out the condo once it is ready and continue renting a house... Frown I do not want to risk the chances of my doggy being taken away for any reason..


Canine Addict

Sep 8, 2002, 9:09 PM

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Re: [rockie] I FEEL SORI FOR MY ROCKIE [In reply to] Can't Post

Some condos actually allow you to keep pets, as long as it is a small breed kind of dog such as miniature pinschers. You'll have to check with your condo management. It is a good idea to take him out - you should do it everyday! If he's a small dog, but your condo doesn't allow animals, you could try sneaking him out everyday in a big bag or something Tongue

-= Tisha =-

K9 Maniac

Sep 8, 2002, 11:49 PM

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Re: [rockie] I FEEL SORI FOR MY ROCKIE [In reply to] Can't Post

Well... tats kind of pity for the dog that he alwas in the crate.. then wat for getting him at the 1st place?

That is one suggestion that is.. u can enroll the training at Padang Merbok near Jln Gasing every sunday. And u will meet all the dogs and their owners.. and u can even let ur dog socializ with others.. isnt that good?

Housebreaking... u need to train him.. and u can search all over in this forum. There are lots of ways how to train ur puppy.

Hehe.. Good luck!

btw.... wer u stay? Actually.. if u stayin in apt.. U can bring Rockie for a short walk near the carpark... and ofcoz u have to standby that he might do his business erm.. sumwer. Or.. if u have a car.. U can bring him and out to sumwer... :)

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"Please don't cry in front of my grave,

I don't mind if you keep a new dog.

I won't angry if you give my toys to others dog,

I will be happy if other dogs can enjoy your love as me."


Sep 9, 2002, 7:06 AM

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Re: [kbs] I FEEL SORI FOR MY ROCKIE [In reply to] Can't Post

dear kbs,

tks for responding. i hv a good mind to chck with the authority but hesitated cos i do not wish to open a can of worms - u knw wht i mean? i thot if i keep mum abt it, then things will be better of lor. anyway, i am contemplating giving him to my sis who is another dog lover - i guess she will do a better job than me since she is a hse wife, she will hv more time to spend nurturing rockie than me....Unsure



Sep 9, 2002, 7:09 AM

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Re: [PyRoMaNiAc] I FEEL SORI FOR MY ROCKIE [In reply to] Can't Post

hi sandra,

tks for sharing yr thots with me. really apprec it! will cont to monitor the situation and hopefully find a solution to my prob.Unsure



Sep 9, 2002, 7:19 AM

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Re: [les] I FEEL SORI FOR MY ROCKIE [In reply to] Can't Post

hi les,

tks too for responding to my mail......its nice to hear suggestions frm fellow dog lovers, ppl who share sth in common. anyway, i live in pandan indah and jln gasing in pj is really a bit far for me to bring rockie leh. like u also sugg, the carpark may be an excellent idea to explore i guess.




Oct 6, 2002, 4:53 AM

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Re: [rockie] I FEEL SORI FOR MY ROCKIE [In reply to] Can't Post

You should take your ROckie for MKA training... make him very obedient, then you can take him more places... it's difficult to take out a dog that barks, shies away from starngers and other dogs etc, but if you have a dog that is obedient, you can take him more palces so he does not have to be alone so much.

Dog Kichi

Oct 10, 2002, 4:27 PM

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Re: [rockie] I FEEL SORI FOR MY ROCKIE [In reply to] Can't Post

Get a box, put rockie in a box, bring him into your car, let him free inside, & then bring him to the park - good exercise for you too. He'll enjoy the ride with you. In the park, spend some time training him there after playing with him. Like this, you only need to potty train your dog at home. Make sure rockie did his business before bringing him out or else you may have to pick up his poo to avoid other dogs eating it or people stepping on it.

To overcome your mom, clean the pee/poo right away, while at the same time help to do some chores at home everytime you missed it when rockie pee/poo. Your mom will learn to accept you to toilet train rockie. Right after you bath rockie, immediately let your mom play with him so that she'll learn to like him & can accept him to touch everywhere - it works so well for my sis. She can even touch/hug Munji even she's "dirty" as compare to the beginning.

Free rockie when you're at home or when there's someone to care for him so that he'll not pee/poo around. You can also free him right after he did his business, it'll take another few hours before the next bomb. You can play with him while watching TV & let him sleep in your bedroom. You can count when is his next bomb. Although you're staying in an apt, you're keeping rokcie as an indoor pet like many owners who live in a terrace house.

In terrace houses, the complains will not work because you can keep a dog. Since you're in apt, as long as rockie can accept your "quiet" command, I guess your neighbours will not complain - afterall, who'll know if rockie is so quiet & never disturb the neighbours just like hamsters?


Oct 10, 2002, 10:22 PM

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Re: [rockie] I FEEL SORI FOR MY ROCKIE [In reply to] Can't Post


First of all, rockie needs some basic training (at least a little) and you can find a lot of information within this forum. I used to share your problem too and I only strated training Rocky (my pug's name too!) when he was only 3-4 years old. He's now 7. I was not able to do this sooner because too many people in the house and teaching him all sorts of funny things and in the long run, he began to think "human". So I had problems. He would pee and poo all over the place. Then when my Grandma (Rocky's best friend) passed away 2 years back, I started being very strict with him and tried to train him as best I could. B4 this, I seldom let him out of the house. My area has too many dognappers so it's best that I reveal as little as possible that I have dogs! It worked, with a lot of patience and of couse white hairs, he learnt to poo and pee in the correct place. He also learnt where his "bedroom" is and the works. Then 9 months back, I brought Bubbles home, I had to keep him inside the crate because he was practically eating the whole house up and my mum was soooo pissed. Because of this, I had to put Rocky on a leash too otherwise, Bubbles would bark and bark because he cannot understand why Rocky was free and he was not. No fuss at all from Rocky and in time he got very used to it. Other than eating up the house, Bubbles knows where his toilet is, etc..... It just takes time and patience. Don't give up. No matter how old or young they are, it may be harder but never too late to teach them what they need to learn.

Have fun,



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