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... You wanna train your dog?


Sep 7, 2003, 8:03 PM

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... You wanna train your dog? Can't Post

So you want to train your dog?

Do you want to teach your dog how to respond with predetermined action to certain sounds you make? … Or do you want a little more?

Teaching a dog how "sit" or "heel" is not so difficult ... But learning to train our dog through enhancing and not damaging our relationship with the dog is perhaps more difficult and requires more thought ...

Teaching a dog tricks is fun … but Pei my wife, has taught me that learning to communicate with your dog is infinitely more rewarding …

Building a relationship with our dog takes more than just shouting or screaming, … “sit” … “stay” … at irregular intervals … it requires more than just trying to get the dog to do - what we want - when we want …

And often, it is not so much about training the dog but training the owner ... mostly the dog already knows what to do … we are the ones who need the training most …

“ ... Take a lifetime with animals. Grind it hard against mistakes and misunderstanding. Season heavily with the desire to get it right, and layer generously with the forgiveness of every animal who passes through your hands. Stew for years, being sure that gifted teachers (animal or human) stir the mess from time to time as needed so it keeps cooking. Serve when it begins to get clear. Yield: a few precious drops worth keeping and having …

Every relationship with an animal and a human is a bridge uniquely shaped to only carry those two, and so must be crafted by them. Through the work of a lifetime, the building and repairs are done slowly, in the heart’s time, one beat after another. And it is thirsty work, as work of the heart always is, for the heart thirsts after things that are invisible to the eye, things you cannot grasp with your hand. Simple notions, these few drops I have distilled from a lifetime of learning from animals. But they are surprisingly satisfying to a thirsty heart ...” - from Bones Would Rain From the Sky by Suzanne Clothier



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