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8month old Pup Vomiting & Soft Stool

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Jul 29, 2003, 2:08 PM

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8month old Pup Vomiting & Soft Stool Can't Post

About 2 weeks ago my 8 month old American Eskie started vomiting on a daily basis and Ive noticed some soft stool (sometimes very wet, sometimes not). When she vomits its mostly liquidly but sometimes has food or grass in it if she recently ate. I also have noticed that she is a little gassy from time to time. No out the rear but more so a burp or even a little hiccup. She does not have any loss of appetite or decrease in energy. IF she wasnt getting sick all the time Id say that she was fine. I took her to the vet and the checked her out and did not find anything. They took her temp, blood and all came back perfect. They recommended that I put her on a low fat diet and give her some Tagamet (acid reducer). Well she's been on this diet and meds for 6 days and there has been no improvement at all. I made another appt with the vet 3 days after the first visit and they said to give it a few more days. Well those days are up tomorrow and I will be bringing her in tomorrow PM. This may or may not be a coincidence but this seemed to have started after I went on a vacation and she stayed with my sister. I asked her if she ate or was exposed to anything dangerous and she said all that she knew was that the dog took a few bites out of a mango. I did mention this to the vet and they didnt seem to be concerned. LIke I said this may have nothing to do with it but you never know. Has anyone ever had this problem or know of anyone who has ?? I am worried that this may be something serious and not something common being the vet was unable to come up with anything on the first visit. Then again, maybe they just overlooked something. Seems that this vet types all the symptoms into a computer which then spits out a bunch of possible causes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chris & Dakota Snow


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