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Groomer Bad Service

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Jan 12, 2014, 1:20 AM

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Groomer Bad Service Can't Post

I have 2 adorable and handsome shih tzus. I live somewhere in PJ and usually for grooming will call in house groomer. I have try few number of in house groomer and having no issue with them. This few weeks I decide to try another new in house groomer. I really regret my decision. That is the worst experience happen in my life EVER! This is not my first year having in house groomer I have do this since I have my puppies which is almost 3 years now. This new groomer not punctual then upon arrival she asked me to find parking for her-which my previous groomers never did! I live in townhouse and agree that it is bit hard to find parking but there is available parking that day and I ask her to park that specific place. While reversing her car out of sudden she bang my neighbour car- I again never experience this before with my previous groomers. Then she start blaming me. After a while she manage to park her car then asked me how about the car that she band just before. I was shocked and scared and still in trauma-never happen in my life thou. She sternly said to me-I am very angry now I bang people car so now how? Surprised!! My question are 1. I am not the one who driving the car and bang my neighbour car so should the blame put on me? 2. Am I the one need to bear the cost? Then I said to her never mind I cancel the grooming then she just left like that. What am I supposed to do now?

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