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Choosing A Dog For Family


Jul 20, 2012, 11:40 PM

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Choosing A Dog For Family Can't Post

First off, THOUSANDS of dogs get put into shelters DAILY because families did not know the steps behind choosing a dog for family. There is a best family dog for the family, but your family lifestyle and personality go a long way in determining the best dog breed for families.

You will need to ask each family member whether they want a dog, because if one or two are opposed, then choosing a dog for family should not happen. If all are not on board to raising a canine, then your family and certainly the dog, will be better off if you did not bring a canine into the family.

A big question you should ask yourself is if you have a large sized family. Typically, the larger families will keep the dog occupied longer, and run down their energy levels. Small families can also keep their dog occupied, but on average, not as often as that of a large family. Does your family consist of any small children, or any babies planned ? A dogĄ¯s life span averages ten years, so you will want a dog that can fit into the lifestyle of a growing family. Any plans to have the mother or father in law move in ? Older people require a special temperament of dog.

So has the family decided for or against getting a dog at this point in their lives, or in the near future ? If you are planning on getting a dog for the family, then the next question that has to be answered when finding the best dog breed for families is can your family afford a canine ? With owning a dog comes the fiscal responsibility of the following, annual vet bill, annual medication for heartworm and fleas, dog grooming, yearly shots, emergency vet bills, food, dog treats, any dog obedience training classes, hair cuts (breed specific), nail trimming, dog accessories ¨C collars, leads, bowls, gates, grooming tools, toys, dog boarding or pet sitting while on vacation.


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