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Need help on questionnaire

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Feb 16, 2012, 11:06 AM

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Need help on questionnaire Can't Post

Hi dog lovers! I am on an assignment on research about dog food.

It will be very much helpful to get some help here. Thank you! :D

II wAge :
Marital Status :
Income : No Income
< RM 1000
< RM 3000
<RM 5000
> RM 5000

1. Which brand of dog kibble do you usually buy for your dog?
• Pedigree lamb and chicken
• Alpo
• Science Plan
• Royal Cannin
• Orijen
• Others [Please state] : _______________________

2. Why did you choose that particular brand over the other?
• Price
• Brand Loyalty
• Packaging
• Ingredients
• Others [Please state] : __________________________

3. Where do you usually purchase it?
• Hypermarket
• 24-Hours Mart
• Pet Shop
• Others [Please state] : _______________________________

4. Would you prefer dry kibble or wet kibble for your dog?
• Dry
• Wet
• None of the above
Why? [Please state] : ______________________

5. How is the kibble working out for your dog?
• Smoother and shinier fur
• Energetic
• Others [Please state] : __________________________________

6. Do you have any comments on the current dog kibble you are using?
[Example : What to improve]


7. When it comes to choosing the right food for your pet how do you determine the best pet food brand for your pet?
• Check with the sales person in the pet shop
• Check with friends that owns pet
• Others [Please state] : _______________________

8. When shopping for your pet food do you look at the advertising hype or look at the source nutritional value stated?
• Advertising Hype
• Source Nutritional value stated
• Others [Please state] : _______________________

9. When it comes to choosing the right food for your pet do you trust the food made by a quality company to provide your pet with the nutritious food that is needed?
• Yes
• No
• Why? [Please state] : _______________________

10. What is the most important ingredient to look for when choosing the right pet food for your pet food?


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