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GR insecurity while on leash

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Dec 17, 2011, 4:21 AM

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GR insecurity while on leash Can't Post

Hello everyone, im new to the forum :) let me relay my tales of woe and hopefully a kind soul can help me to find a solution to this problem!

I have a Golden Retriever, male, almost 3 years and not neutered (my father forbid it, siiiigh, stupid male ego) He's kind, gentle, and very playful. When he was a pup he got attacked by neighbours unbound dog numerous time (or at least circled, im now an expert at seperating dog fights) And while now he learns to ignore dogs, he still occasionally lunges when another dog is in sight. (unless its a small breed)

i've only recently finished my 10 weeks training at the BU park and i must say the training really paid off! yes its a little late to train him but better late then never. He passed his obedience with flying colours.

then he got into a fight the same day he passed... siiiigh...

This evening as i was walking him, a neighbour's mongrel came out to play with him. This puppy is smart and is a very submissive one because as soon as my dog growl and lunges forward the mongrel pup rolls on its back and that stops my dog's agressiveness immediately. After making sure my dog is not going to attack the pup i let my GR off leash and they both run around the park chasing eachother, playing, roughing up but not fighting. this goes on for about 15 minutes before i notice its darked and we have to go home.

i command my Maxi to sit and stay while i put him back onleash to go home which he immediately obeys. The pup approached us trying to rub against Maxi. My dog immediately SNAPS at it aggresively, but i already sense him tensing up and yanked it away from the pup before he could strike a bite.

So now the mystery has been solved at why my dog is so aggresive. He is very insecure when he is on leash because he couldnt trust me to protect him. I really have no idea how to assest myself anymore as he obeys my commands but couldnt trust me to protect him from other dogs? So how do i gain my dog's trust while around other dogs? how do i fully become an alpha when i've walked him EVERYDAY after work unless its raining?


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