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Taffy died of Distemper coz of negligence?

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Dec 17, 2011, 1:32 AM

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Taffy died of Distemper coz of negligence? Can't Post

Hello all,
I am new here and hoped you can shed some light on this matter.

On 30th Oct 2011, I bought a 3 month old female Shih Tsu, Taffy from a pet shop in Penang at Tanjung Tokong.
It was one of the happiest moment for me and my wife Frown

On 5th Nov, we took Taffy for her innoculation at the pet shop, which was done by a foreigner-maid-like person.
The shop owner also gave us as stand-by liquid medicine just in case Taffy had diarrhoea.

True enough, Taffy had diarrhoea the next day and we started giving her the medicine. However, it looked like it was very difficult for her to pass motion following this, and she always pushed very hard until one day, she started to pass out a mixture of stool & blood.
Few days passed and we were shocked to see her intestine coming out from the anus Frown

On 20th Nov, we took her to a vet in Sungai Dua and Taffy's anus was sewn up a bit to contain this problem until the muscle around her intestine strengthen back.

29th Nov, we took Taffy back to the pet shop for a free basic grooming, consisting of hair trimming on her foot, anus, stomach, mouth, face, nose and head, with what look like a painful experience for Taffy during plucking hair inside her ears. Throughout the whole process, we were present.
The girl at the pet shop also recommended some food for a healthier pup and gave us samples, which Taffy loved very much coz she was gobbling up this new food samples when we reached home.

The next day, everything changed! Unsure
We could hardly recognize Taffy because she seemed so drawn back, her head drooping, always looked tired, slept a lot, and she stopped eating.

We thought it was the stress she had gone through during the grooming session and started feeding her by diluting her food in water and feed her using a stringze.
Sadly, she was losing weight fast and we took her to the vet in Sungai Dua on 12th Dec.
She was diagnosed with Distemper!Frown
We shared with the doctor Taffy's grooming session and he was quick to shared of several such cases leading to infection involving the pet shop.

Our hearts sank as we learnt that there was no cure for Distemper.
However, we tried giving her antibiotics, multivitamin & flu medication, feeding her with liquid food and ORS using stringze.
My wife did not sleep for the past 4 days taking care of Taffy and cried all the time!
It was the worst time of our lives.

Taffy died yesterday on 15th Dec Frown
We cried so hard; my wife still "hears" Taffy today and cried every time she thought about Taffy.

I wondered; what and where went wrong?
How could Taffy contracted Distemper?
Was it from the grooming (when we thought back, the equipment used was not sanitized)?
Was it from the minor "operation" that Taffy had from the vet?

Please share your opinion and help to relieve our hearts; we love & missed Taffy very very much.
Please help to give justice to the death of an innocent, loving & joyful being of our family.

We also hoped that from this, other pet lovers do not fall into such trap.

Thanks very much, from the bottom of our hearts.

God bless.
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Jul 1, 2012, 9:27 PM

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Re: [strontium] Taffy died of Distemper coz of negligence? [In reply to] Can't Post

I learnt my lesson too after getting a new puppy that is NEVER EVER bring the dog to any shops EXCEPT the vet for vaccination the first four months of their life with us especially small breeds which is really hard to cure of distemper.

I took my golden retriever boy to a shop to do shopping for his new collar when he was three months old. I think that was where he contracted distemper. One week later he fell super. That morning I could sense there was something wrong with him already as he vomitted his food. I monitored him and his health deteriorated fast. By evening he was having diarrhoea and blood in hi stool. I immediately took him to the vet and was diagnose with distemper. He was already running a high fever and was whimpering pathetically. The vet said there is nothing could be done except to wait it out to see if he could survive. The vet gave him a strong jab, and fed him meds and advice me to give him lots of water and to keep him calm.

Thank goodness he pulled through with no side effect. I was really lucky to have him still. He is now 8 months old.

So, a word of caution is, don't bring your furkids to any pet shops or even outside the house for walk unless they have their 4 full jabs. Don't risk it. It's really not worth it.

Even the vet told me if I were to bring my furkids to the vet before their full 4 vac it's best to call up first and the vet can advice us if it is safe to bring in puppies as you might never know what dogs go to the vet. A responsible vet will tell their customers if their clinic has been disinfected yet or not should they have an animal that carries deadly disease into their clinic that day.


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