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Irresponsible/Negligent vet

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Aug 18, 2011, 10:23 PM

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Irresponsible/Negligent vet Can't Post

My 5-yr old golden retriever left me today and I'm still shocked at how things happened. Last Sunday my dog wandered out when the auto gate opened (he does that occasionally) and came back after 30 mins or so. Later that night he threw up his food, went to check on him and didn't think much of it as dogs do vomit sometimes.

On Monday he definitely seemed to be more serious, he couldn't eat as he puked again and couldn't stand up. I suspect that he ate something bad during his venture out on Sunday. So I brought him to YEOH VETERINARY in Taman Megah early Tuesday, the doctor said to leave him overnight. I did express my opinion that I think he might have ingested poison because his symptoms matches what I've read up online. They did a blood test that day and kept him overnight at the clinic.

Come Wednesday my poor baby is looking worst, he couldn't even stand up anymore when he saw me and could only drink some water. Then the doctor in charge says they will do an X-ray later that day because Wed was holiday and they were supposed to be very 'busy'.
Anyways the X-ray came back negative and they wanted to do another type of contrast X-ray to get better view of his stomach but I still keep reminding the doctor that I think he ingested poison but he just brushed it off. This morning when I went to the vet early morning the nurse had the guts to told me "your dog is doing fine!!" But when I went to the back of the clinic to check on my dog, all I found was his STIFF and LIFELESS body, facing the inside of the cage.

In all 3 days I've never even meet this Dr. Yeoh at all, since he's supposed to be very experienced. I've only dealt with a young doctor whom seems to be pretty clueless. He keeps thinking my dog had foreign body obstruction from swallowing large objects and when he saw my dead dog's body only he said, "I guess he died from poisoning" WTF I don't need him to tell me that, esp after my dog has left me.

Last but not least the clinic charges OUTRAGEOUS price, the overnight of my dog at their place was like Rm 700/night and this morning only they nurse say they don't even have anybody there during night. Sorry to offend anybody here with my rant but I'm just completely devastated. I've lost my buddy for 5 years too abruptly, compounded with the very unprofessional staff at this clinic just makes my pain more unbearable. If this clinic thinks they can charge outrageous price while staying negligient on our beloved pets then owners here should take note!


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