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Wee2 pad not working...praising not working...the toilet train is going nowhere - help pls.

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Jun 11, 2011, 12:43 AM

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Wee2 pad not working...praising not working...the toilet train is going nowhere - help pls. Can't Post

Hi All,

I'd really appreciate if some of you can teach me what to try next.

I've brought my pup home for 1 week now, he is 4 months old Shih Tzu. I stay in a landed house but with no private garden, only a common garden at the back and it is small.

First, when I am at home I wish for him to run around and sleep in the house, and pee/poo in the specific toilet tray I placed near the door. This is my wish.

When I brought him back, I put him in cage for sense of security because that was what he was familiar before. The next day I started bringing him to the common garden behind my house after every meal for about 5 minutes. But it didn't work. He would still pee/poo as and when he feels like it, when he happened to poo on the grass I did use an extremely happy tone + treats to praise him, but I guess he still didn't get my message because the next round of poo went back to the unintended place, cage as well as on the house floor. So my problem number 1: How do I train him to know where to poo besides the rewards method?

Btw, he did not pee at the right place too, in fact he can't hold his bladder to the extent that he'd get so excited that he pees every time he sees me or get excited that the food is coming.

Now I gave him a gated small place that allows him to go outside, or go into his cage. I then lay the weewee pad in the cage, and I also placed the toilet tray near the door going out with weewee pad too. My plan was to get him to either pee/poo in the cage or outside as long it is on the weewee pad of outside on the grass. I tried both methods of using just the pad, and the pad+the toilet trained drops. But guess what, he ended biting the weewee pad! And still pee/poo like before. My next problem: How can I get him to use the toiley tray? Either with or without weewee pad would be fine.

Last question is, before he is trained I just cannot allow him to sleep on the cushion or get close my living room yet coz I have a toddler, will there be a problem to teach him to sleep back on the cushion in future after he's trained?

Thanks in advance, and hope to hear some practical advise soon possible.


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Jun 11, 2011, 3:51 AM

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Re: [MO] Wee2 pad not working...praising not working...the toilet train is going nowhere - help pls. [In reply to] Can't Post

The problem gets more complex - today I found him eating the poo! OMG! I am really frustrated.

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Jul 26, 2011, 4:41 AM

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Re: [MO] Wee2 pad not working...praising not working...the toilet train is going nowhere - help pls. [In reply to] Can't Post

Don't worry. Things will improve in time, provided that you work on the solution asap. They say that old dog cannot learn new tricks. And that saying is kinda true, its not impossible but much more difficult for older dogs to adapt to new habits. so its better to start the correct training now.

Firstly, your method of allowing your dog to either do the business outside or in the cage is confusing the puppy. there are too many places for the puppies to choose. As such, the puppy will think that everywhere is OKAY. Just choose one place and stick to it!

Secondly, what i did with my young puppy was this. Cage/Crate your puppy. It might sound cruel putting your puppy in a crate but its the only way. Because when your puppy has not learnt to do its business in the right place, it will do it everywhere and anytime. So crate it as often as possible till it does its business in the right place 80% of the time.

A dog loves a cage because its confined and provides a sense of security. Make sure the cage is not too big, just enough for the dog to stretch, turn around.

Heres the KEY POINT: A dog will usually never dirty its cage because it is where is sleeps. As such, a dog will try not to pee/poo in its cage if it's suppose to sleep there.

So what you do is this:
Morning, wake up, take dog out to pee
Feed dog
Play with dog
Dog pees/poos
Put dog in crate for 3-4 hours (A 4 month old puppy can usually hold its pee up to 5 hours)
Take dog out to pee
Feed dog
Play time
Pee time
Cage dog for 3-4 hours
Repeat till dinner

You get my point.

When your dog has not been house trained yet, you must supervise your dog 100% of the time. Otherwise, it will pee/poo in the wrong place. Its not a bad dog. just a dog that has not learn the right habits. So if it pees in the wrong spot when you are not looking, its not its fault. Therefore, when you cannot supervise your dog, put it in cage for you and your dog's sake. Gives you time to do other things as well.

make sure you dont cage it for too long. You cannot expect a puppy to hold its pee for too long.

For the first one month or so, you might need to wake up middle of night to let dog out to pee. After that, when it grows older, it will be able to hold its pee through the night. (its like having a baby)

Also, when it pees in wrong place, scold it by saying NO in a very stern, low voice.

WHen it pees in the right place, praise it lavishly as if it won an olympic race. Keep saying, "Good boy/girl, Good dog!" (repeat 10 times) etc in happy voice and give it a treat.

If you do not want your dog to sleep on the cushion, the only way is to scold your dog everytime it does so. Also, don't allow it to sleep on any other sofa, cushion, bed etc. Basically, just train it to sleep on the floor/cage, otherwise, it thinks it has same status as humans.

Hope this long explanation helps.

Remember, the key is patience and consistency. Don't allow it to do something one day, and the next day, you scold it. It gets confuse.

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Jul 26, 2011, 4:44 AM

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Re: [MO] Wee2 pad not working...praising not working...the toilet train is going nowhere - help pls. [In reply to] Can't Post

O i didnt reply to the "eating poo" part. Apparently its normal for puppies to eat their poo.

One possible reason is lack of nutrition. If your dog food is of low quality, it might do that to compensate for the lack of nutrition. So buy better quality food.

Second reason is it doesnt know better. Poo to puppies smell fragrant and taste great. Clean its poo everytime it poos, that way, there's no opportunity to eat it. Also, scold the puppy everytime it does.


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