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Complain on PETSHOP

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May 21, 2011, 12:05 AM

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Complain on PETSHOP Can't Post

Hi Everyone,

Im a newbie here.. just would like to tell you guys my story.. I've recently went to this pet shop (QQ Petshop) somewhere in Selangor to get a Pomeranian puppy. They have pretty cute puppies there, but first impression of the place is not soo gud but because i like the pom i put a deposit on him. The reason why is that we were moving to another apartment and that it would be convenient for the puppy.

Another reason is becoz he looks kinda weak and tired.

A weeks past and we were ready to take him, but unexpectedly the petshop told me that he had dead the night before for some unknown reason. I was terrible sad. Luckily the shop had a new pom for me to bring back.. but for some reason my heart felt reluctant to bring him back so I left with the petshop for a few days again.

On the day that i picked him up, the pom also looked very tired and restless.. THe petshop said that it night time they normally sleep so not that active.

In my experience dealing with puppies (shit zu, poodle and siberian husky) i've never seen a puppy this weak. FrownSo i message him back saying just in case got problem i will send him back.

The next day I took him to see the vet and guess what he is infected with a deadly virus.Frown He can be saved but it will cause me a bom to pay for the fees. The vet advised me to bring him back to the petshop, so i did.

The petshop was saying that this is common for a vet to give this statement but normally in a few days the puppy will get better. Im like huh? this people are not veterinarian how can they say that? but because i was already attached to the pom I gave him back to the shop to take care for a few days. They told me that if the puppy got problem they will refund back my money..

Come 4 days after they call me back and said that they will exchange for a new pom. I so frustrated I dont know whether to wait or get my refund back!!?

What do you guys think? Wait for 1 to 2 weeks for the new pom or get by refund back?

Canine Addict

May 28, 2011, 10:54 AM

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Re: [adel218] Complain on PETSHOP [In reply to] Can't Post

Refund. Why waste time & money for another new sick puppy?

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