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Jan 24, 2011, 10:55 PM

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adoption Can't Post

hello, I'm shan and I live in johor.

I have a mixed mongrel male, aged 5yrs & neutered. I also have a couple of smaller dogs who are older than him. His name is Chester. He killed one of my smaller guys a month ago.

It happened in my absence. I had left them under my mom's care for a short while but as the owner, I'm totally responsible for what happened.

I'm so traumatised and I don't know what to do with him.

Let me describe his character. He's very possessive, loves to play but only with me. Very loving (only towards me) and territorial. I've kept him indoors all these years. I only release him to poo, eat & run

around, which I do every 2hours or so. He's very alert, hence a very good guard dog.

I now realise that he doesn't want to share me with any other dog.

I wanted to put him down after the incident but my vet suggested castration to reduce his aggression. After the operation, I had to leave him with my neighbour who took care of him for 10days.

He's now very loving towards her which means he's capable of loving other people as well.

He just needs someone to love him & treat him well.

If no one wants him, then I have to put him to sleep. It will the most painful decision I have to make. I don't know why I can't hate him after what he did. I still love him so much just like

I love my other dogs.

I appreciate your comments/advice. My email is shakinshan

Canine Addict

Jan 31, 2011, 9:16 AM

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Re: [grizzly] adoption [In reply to] Can't Post

This is the worst situation I see in rescue, or even before dogs get into rescue. You love them, you hate them, your choices is are lousy & the original precipitation point is past.

It wouldn't be dishonorable for you to put him down.
He's a menace to others & you can't trust him - no matter who he has decided to be nice to lately. You know, in your heart of hearts, that he could turn on any person & any dog, in an instant. And he's taking your attention away from other dogs. If he were that important, you would get rid of them & devote yourself to him. But that is not the place from which you are speaking. And he's not happy, if he is acting this way.

You CANNOT, repeat cannot place him with anyone else. That would be the most irresponsible thing to do & no reputable rescue will touch him, nor should they & you will get sued. You would also leave him open to a life of abuse.

This is the kind of dog that more often than not gets dumped at the pound, or on sites such as Mudah.com, after doing the same thing elsewhere & there is no way of protecting him once he is out of your hands. This is where bait dogs come from, or dogs that bite small children who just got a dog from the ads on the internet, or kill the next small dog, because the new owner wasn't told by the person you gave him to. This is the kind of dog that dies at the pound, or in the jaws of a fighting dog, or lives a life of misery confined to a crate in a hoarder's house. They are their own worst enemies.

No, the world is just waiting to chew him up & he is making you miserable. The minute he attacked the other dog, he became a dangerous animal in someone's house - not a pet. If he were a man, you would be advised to flee to a battered women's shelter.

Give him his last, best day. Let him have your complete attention, buy him a Big Mac, whatever makes him happy. And then put him down. He won't know he isn't going in for surgery & you didn't bat an eye at that. He'll die a happy man, knowing that you were all his, never knowing pain, never being passed around or insecure. That is the best gift you can give him - and you will never regret it. I promise you.

Hope I helped.

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