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DOGATHON 2010 is back!!

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Jul 21, 2010, 7:53 PM

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DOGATHON 2010 is back!! Can't Post

Organized by:
VETERNAK and Zoologico™ Club,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Universiti Putra Malaysia

A pyramid, Giza, Anubis, mummies and Pharaohs’ is just the tip of the iceberg or should I say the tip of the pyramid when it comes to describing the upcoming DOGATHON™ 2010.

The 14year old annual gathering for dogs has gone for an ANCIENT EGYPTIAN THEME,


You must be wondering how DOGATHON™ came about?

Well, it all started with the urge to help rescue the ever-increasing number of strays in our community. So, a master plan scheme was set up by the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of UPM which aims to help the welfare of stray dogs and cats, getting trained professional veterinarians to neuter them, perform proper post-operative care, and releasing them back to their actual habitat. And we have decided to call this program PROKASIH.

Hence, students need to raise funds to support this program culminating with the introduction of Dogathon™. Ever since Dogathon™ came into the picture, we have gained nothing but success with a significant reduced number of strays. Our education program targeted at children and adults has effectively enhanced awareness. In the future, with generous contribution and support from fellow Malaysians, we are hoping to establish a Prokasih Clinic. This clinic will act as a non-profit making organization that will hire veterinary doctors for the purpose of neutering strays in order to monitor their population.

MASTER HUNT, DOGGY-GO-ROUND, MUMMIFICATION AND RISE OF THE GAZA are just a handful to be named. These games are bound to give you stitches as you laugh in joy. Not to forget that everyone stands a chance of getting their hands full with free goodies and pet merchandise and supplies, and like I said for absolutely FREE!!!! So I am betting you do not intend to miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Just in case you are unsure, registration will be held on the day of the event. And remember, the more dogs you bring, the more you bag!

The icing on the cake will be the fact that we are including you in our team to break our previous record in the MALAYSIAN BOOK OF RECORDS. This year we are targeting more than 800 dogs. So, let’s join forces and together mark history with Dogathon™ 2010 as a huge success. And you would probably like to get a brand new album to add to your brand new collection of memorabilia photos with your tail wagging pals!

Have a look our previous Dogathon pictures to expect the fun you & your dogs will be experiencing!! :)

***** You can also help us to spread the word by sharing & inviting your other friends to join this event as well! Hope to see you there!:D ******

visit our official website for more info- www.vet.upm.edu.my/~dogathon/
and also our blog- dogathon2010.blogspot.com/
for any inquiries, please email us at- dogathon2010

See more photos on Dogathon™ 2009 at : -


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