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lovely puppy for free...Anyone who's interested.

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May 29, 2010, 2:14 PM

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lovely puppy for free...Anyone who's interested. Can't Post

My name is Paul from Baltimore USA...I did bid for a portion of petroleum land sometimes ago in West Africa and fortunately i won the bidding so i have to move quickly down to West Africa to have my company set up because i will still have to rebid for it in the next 7 years. I came over here with my wife (Michelle),my Daughter (Benita),and my Lovely puppy(Harley)...we have been here for two weeks and i discovered that the climatic condition over here is really bad and it will really affect Harley and when i visited the nearest veterinary doctor he advices me to try all i could to make sure i send it out of this country to another place where there is good climatic condition..I really cherish Harley(my puppy) so much and i don't want anything bad to happen to it..and i suggested to send harley to our neighbor(Mr Patrick) in USA..so he will keep it for us and look after it because,there is a Nice climatic condition..but when i gave Mr Patrick a call some days back,he told me he's outside the states for business purpose and he will not be back for some months..This really makes me unhappy cos i don't know what to do..So later,my wife(Michelle) advices me that it would be better and advisable to send harley(our puppy) as a gift to anybody who is interested outside this country where climatic condition is favorable and cool and i totally agreed with my wife..So i decide to join this forum and have it posted that if anybody is interested in having my puppy..Am NOT selling it out bcos money is not what matters but to take absolute good care of my lovely puppy and he/she will promise me that my puppy will never lack anything and also promise to update me with its current photo every month so i will be able to see for myself how healthy it is..if anyone is interested in having my puppy here is my email paulanderson23433@yahoo.com ...Anybody intersted is highly welcomed and applicable.

Canine Addict

May 29, 2010, 7:20 PM

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Re: [paul234] lovely puppy for free...Anyone who's interested. [In reply to] Can't Post

Another puppy scammer. I believe this is the same person who posted GET A PITBULL FOR FREE twice yesterday. Also, noticed these scammers are always using Yahoo! Mail?

Puppy Scam Alert - Buyers Beware!

"Multi BIS (local) GreatGrowkenn Agnes CGC" is ranked #5 (all-breed) in Best Malaysian Bred Dog Of The Year 2010"

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Oct 19, 2016, 11:16 PM

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Re: [GoldenAddict] lovely puppy for free...Anyone who's interested. [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't understand why would anyone scam regarding pets, kindly explain! Unimpressed If she is posting an advertisement about dogs available for being adopted then it is a good thing right?
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