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What does "Anthropomorphizing" a dog mean?

Canine Addict

Jan 12, 2010, 9:42 AM

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What does "Anthropomorphizing" a dog mean? Can't Post

A person asked me this question last week & wanted me to give a brief description of it in this forum. Here it is for you Garry & to everyone else who are interested to know what it means...

So, what does "Anthropomorphizing" (comes from the word 'Anthropomorphism') a dog mean?

It means to attach qualities and characteristics of a human being to an animal; in this case, a dog.

That would include believing that dogs behave out of ideas they have formed, such as revenge, jealousy, romantic love, paternal love & affection, etc.

It's complete & utter hogwash and the cause of many neurotic & unstable dogs (ESPECIALLY small breeds) today.

A dog does NOT have the same mental capacity as a human, cannot learn in the same way, understand a human language or emotions or need the same things from life as a human does.

However some humans use the human thought process of as a frame of reference when trying to understand their dog's behavior & assign emotions to a dog it is incapable of feeling or give it things that a dog does not need.

For example, "My dog knew it had done wrong because it looked guilty". NO, the dog was guided by its owner's body language because it could read that they were annoyed or angry with it. It would not think of itself as a bad dog.

It's really sad - so many dogs could be WONDERFUL companions, if only their owners would treat them like a DOG & not a human.

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