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Dog keep urine marking in the house


Dec 24, 2009, 1:55 AM

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Dog keep urine marking in the house Can't Post

I have a 12 month old mini poodle call Toby.he is house trained and pees in his cage and poo in the bathroom.however when he is left alone he will pee on the tv speaker near the kitchen.everytime i take a nap or leave him out of his cage at night he will pee at that particular spot.he also whines more often when he is left alone.basically when he is left alone he'll whine in his cage and if he's uncage he will pee at the speaker.

could this be a sign of separation anxiety?help :(

Canine Addict

Dec 26, 2009, 7:07 AM

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Re: [amyloves] Dog keep urine marking in the house [In reply to] Can't Post

The dog is marking & spoiled rotten. Bring it out to the grass to do its business! Don't allow it to do it IN the house or in the bathroom. The cage is a place were he SLEEPS.

The MOMENT you see him go near the TV speaker & before he even tries to lift his leg, correct him with a FIRM "NO!!!" & tell him to get lost from there! If you're too late & see him pissing on it, correct him there & then! Not after he has already done it. Not a few minutes later because by then, he would have already forgotten what he has done wrong. Be firm & consistent with him. Also be sure to clean the speakers thoroughly with water & bleach to get rid of the urine smell & then go get an Anti-Mating spray & spray the whole speaker area with it.

If he whines in his cage, IGNORE. Don't entertain him because if you do, you're reinforcing that annoying behaviour & he will always demand you to give him attention or to let him out. If he keeps whining non-stop, tell him to "SHUT UP!". Demand compliance. No begging him to keep quiet. If he's too noisy, cage him in a room & shut door. If you're out or if no one is supervising him, he goes in cage.

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Dec 28, 2009, 6:55 AM

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Re: [GoldenAddict] Dog keep urine marking in the house [In reply to] Can't Post

i dont lock him in the cage anymore when he's housebroken but few months after that he started peeing on the speaker again so i had to lock him when no one's watching him.i hate putting him in the cage but no choice :(

i live in a flat so i dont have easy access to a grass area.

the thing is,he only does that when there's people around so it's quite hard for me to correct him.but everytime he pees on the speaker,he will hide under the couch because he knows that i'll be upset with him.but still he want to pee on the speaker =.=

i ignore him no matter how much he whines in his cage.

i'll try cleaning it with bleach and hopefully the smell goes away.hope it work :/

Canine Addict

Dec 28, 2009, 8:10 AM

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Re: [amyloves] Dog keep urine marking in the house [In reply to] Can't Post

ALL dogs *should* be crate trained & they're supposed to be in their crates when no one is supervising them especially those that cannot be trusted to be left alone outside their crates. If they've been properly crate trained, they will LOVE their crates like as if it's their own little suite, will gladly go in there when told to do so & will instantly go to sleep when the crate doors shut behind their butts!!!

I live in an Intermediate house & I have no grass in my porch & yet, I am intelligent enough to bring them out 2-3 times a day so that they make no mistakes in the house. And I have FIVE dogs to walk & take care. Right now, I have two almost 9 months old puppies & they were already housebroken by the age of 6 months. When they used to pee & crap in the house & in their playpen, I corrected the CRAP out of them & they instantly learned to hold their pee & poop till I brought them out.

You are NOT being firm enough with your dog & he KNOWS you're going to scold him everytime he does that sickening pissing trick but you know what else he knows that you don't know? He knows you're not going to PHYSICALLY correct him. So he gets away with it all the time. He knows you're going to forgive & sayang him after that. He will never learn that way. Trust me. He's playing a game with you & he trained you well.

Whenever you're going to let him out of the crate, immediately bring him downstairs to the grass so that he can empty that big tank of his. Walk him for atleast an hour or two a day UNTIL he's absolutely burned out & then when you put him back in his crate, he should be able to sleep peacefully for atleast a few hours.

I bet you don't exercise him enough. Dogs need to be mentally & physically stimulated every single day! Just because you live in an apartment & you have no grass, there's NO excuse for you not bring him out a few times a day. What is so difficult about that? If I can do it, why can't you & if you're at work or too busy, your other family members should be helping out too.

ALL dogs should be exercised often so that they're never always cooped up in the house because that can make them go coo-coo. THESE are dogs that are often chucked at shelters because they are deemed 'problematic' when actually, it was their owners fault that made them mentally insane! He's BORED out of his mind & you as the owner, need to be more responsible by bringing him out more often & enroll him in OB training ASAP.

If he keeps on making noise in his crate, I suggest you order an electric bark collar online & put it on him. I guarantee you, he will stop INSTANTLY!!! You will be pleased with the results. And whoever tells you that electric collars are cruel, inhumane, torturous devices, are ignorant "cake-eaters" & bleeding hearts who have NEVER been in your kind of situation (and many others that are similar to yours) or have even owned a nuisance dog like yours before. They will NEVER understand until they finally have that kind dog under their care.

"Multi BIS (local) GreatGrowkenn Agnes CGC" is ranked #5 (all-breed) in Best Malaysian Bred Dog Of The Year 2010"

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