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5 weeks puppy was here around 1 weeks but pee anywhere! HELP!

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Dec 20, 2009, 5:09 PM

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5 weeks puppy was here around 1 weeks but pee anywhere! HELP! Can't Post

I don't know how to train my pup. Every time he wake up he will pee out side the cage(box). (this is fine to me). But when he came out from the cage, after playing,walk around he will pee anywhere! after scold him, he will diam diam back to his cage. Please help! I am tiring with his pee. Everyday have to clean it up. Or it is too young (5weeks) to train him up??
Advice please. Thanks.

Canine Addict

Dec 26, 2009, 8:09 AM

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Re: [npeng] 5 weeks puppy was here around 1 weeks but pee anywhere! HELP! [In reply to] Can't Post

May I ask you what you're doing with a 5 weeks old pup? Did you get this pup from a breeder or was it a rescue? If it was from a breeder, PLEASE return it because breeders are NOT supposed to sell puppies until the age of 8 weeks! If it's a rescue, then fine, you can keep it.

Errr...didn't you know that puppies piss & defecate all over the place? Weren't you prepared for this before you decided to take that puppy home? Puppies that young CANNOT hold their pee for more than an hour! Bring it out to the grass every hour & train it to always do its business on grass only. CORRECT the puppy with a firm "NO!" when it does it in the wrong place. No smacking.

Keep the puppy in a PROPER cage, not box. Leave layers & layers of newspapers or pee pads in the cage so that when it pisses or poops in there, you can clean the mess much easily. Bring it out to the grass 1st thing every morning. Get up early & used to this routine. Do this every single day until it LEARNS how to hold its business till you let it out every time.

Has the puppy been vaccinated? I doubt so. Please make sure it has its 1st vaccine by next week & then the 2nd one, the following month & then the 3rd one the following month again. Get it dewormed at the same time too & obedience training starts NOW.

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