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Siberian Husky

New User

Nov 28, 2009, 7:04 PM

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Siberian Husky Can't Post

Dear all,
I just signed up and as a newbie would like to say hello to whereone. :) Can guide me on where and how to find more details about take care, food should give and etc for my puppy husky dog? i just bought a husky puppy for 2 month. Thanks in advanced

Dog Kichi

Nov 29, 2009, 7:04 AM

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Re: [rzwoo] Siberian Husky [In reply to] Can't Post

congrats of owning a husky. well why did u choose a husky of all the other breeds?did u read up or have any slightest idea of how husky can be? where did u stay by the way. how old is ur husky then and what u been feeding for this past 2 month?

husky have a very sensitive tummy and if eat wrong food they will prone to have watery stool/diarrhoea and if what u been feeding is good then dont switch the food for now till they grow adult hood as when u need to switch the kibbles to adult. i am feeding raw so i dont have the chance to change kibbles.

i used to feed mine with royal canin then change to origen. basically there is so much to learn on how to keep up a husky and i just cant tell u what to do so basically just ask what u 1 2 know in details and not in general. do read up to know their temperament and they tend to stick with humans so please do ensure that you have enought time to play with them.. is this husky ur only dog at home? if u do have other dog then it wont be so boring and wont tear down ur house when they get bored.

if u need to learn more do send me email at wing0112@g.m.a.i.l


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