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6 Simple Questions Before Buying a Dog


Nov 13, 2009, 9:52 AM

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6 Simple Questions Before Buying a Dog Can't Post

If you are in the process of buying a new puppy, you will realize it is both a rewarding and exciting time in your life. You can easily find puppies for sale in pet stores, newspapers and of course on the internet. But how do you find out what puppy will suit you and your families needs? What points should you consider before getting your new dog? Below are 5 things to consider before purchasing a new puppy for you and your family.

1) Does your home have adequate space? - If you want a larger dog, you will need to have a larger yard. If you have a small home, you will need to look at smaller dogs. All puppies look tiny when you go shopping, but bare in mind some puppies will grow to an enormous size. Do your research before looking at dogs so you know what breed will suit you. Be cautious of cross breeds as you may not know what size they will grow to.

2) Can you exercise your dog frequently? - If you exercise regularly and have lots of time on your hands, you can consider a puppy with high energy levels. If you will be at work and not have much time for your dog, consider a breed with less energy.

3) Short hair or long hair? - This is a point not many people consider, but a lot of long haired dogs naturally lose a lot of hair. This hair can get everywhere through your home especially into your carpet. Short hair breeds molt less hair and can be easier to groom and keep clean.

4) Children or elderly? - Young children and the elderly can be easily knocked over by large dogs which have a lot of energy. If you have children or older people around, consider a dog with less energy and a small size dog which will be good with your family.

5) Is your property secured? - Some breeds are renowned for escaping whilst others are just curious. Most dogs however need certain provisions to ensure they cannot escape. A minimum 6 foot fence is needed around your home to stop most dogs from escaping. You also need to be able to stop your dog digging under fences and gates as well. Some dog breeds however are notorious for being able to escape and if you have one of these breeds you may need to allow extra provisions around your property to keep them inside.

6) How much do you want to spend on your dog? - Dogs are like human beings, they need shelter, foods and healthcare. So, doing some budgeting before getting a dog will save you from financial problems later.

Please consider these 6 points before you go shopping for a puppy. So many people go out and only look at these points once they have already bought their dog, but you should really examine these points before you even go looking at any puppies for sale.


Apr 10, 2017, 11:58 PM

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6 Simple Questions Before Buying a Dog [In reply to] Can't Post

These tips are excellent for those who seek a new dog. Every one must know these tips before buying a dog as it would then be good for both dog and the owner. However, in my opinion dogs should not be brought but adopted.
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