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10 ‘NO’s in Dog Feeding


Nov 13, 2009, 9:30 AM

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10 ‘NO’s in Dog Feeding Can't Post

1. Supplements are “okay”, only if….

If your dog has passive physical activity ( sleep too much , rarely taken out for a walk ), or simply undergoing a stressful routine change. But giving too much supplement is not good for your dog, you have to give it in proper proportion. If you don’t know how, it may cause temperament problem (because of kidney disorder)

2. No Bone anymore..!

Our dog has different type of digestion. They have short digestive tracts. A small bone eaten by dogs could cause them to choke, they have no amylase (an enzyme that is use to predigest starch).

3. No more raw eggs..!

If you feed them with raw eggs regularly, you will make their skin breakout. In dog’s body, there are biotin that are useful for dog skin health,but the problem is raw eggs destroys the biotin, and the result could lead to hair lost.

4. No more raw fish..!

Raw fish can cause weaken your dog stamina, can cause an abnormal posture and even death in several cases.

5. Meat protein diets to vegetable protein diets.

Meat protein are easily be found in beefm pork,chicken turkey and others. Vegetable protein diets are much better than the meat protein diets because it is easily digest by dog and it gives off more energy to the dogs.

6. Keep watch their fat

The right proportion of fats, will result a good skin. But too much fat, will have a bad effect in kidney, reproductive health, obesity and lethargy.

7. Make sure they get enough carbohydrates

A balance diet program is good. Make sure they get carbohydrates for their energy. Corn is one of the best source of carbohydrates.

8. Don’t feeding your dog too regularly.

That can get him into the routine of expecting to eat at those times. and could lead to weight gain. Letting him get hungry and feeding sensibly.

9. Don’t give your dog a chocolate or any kind of high fat diet or junk food. That’s not healthy for dog.

Give what best for your dog.

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