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Spaying 3 pounds yorkshire terrier

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Sep 5, 2009, 12:10 PM

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Spaying 3 pounds yorkshire terrier Can't Post

Hey guys,

I am totally into neuter/spaying dogs as I do not intend to breed them. Had one of my male dog neutered a while ago at Gasing Vet.

However, now I have a female 3 pounds (1 yrs 4 mths) just after her second heat and I really want to take her to spay.

But one thing that is causing me a dilemma is that I gone through posts in other forums saying that small size females tend to have very high risk of dying during spay..

I do not want to regret not spaying her and causing her infected with cancer in future neither do I want to risk her life taking her to spay.

Can anyone please share with me a very very experienced vet who's done small breeds and is an expert with small breeds?

I can travel anywhere in West Malaysia as long as the vet is really really experienced with spaying small breeds... please help me with this..

Thanks alot!!


Sep 5, 2009, 6:49 PM

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Re: [suchiate] Spaying 3 pounds yorkshire terrier [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi there,

what U said about spaying toy breeds or small breed is very true. Actually any surgery will & contribute a certain degree of risks. However, if the Vet is not the heavy handed type then every thing should be fine.

If U wanted an experienced vet and a caring surgeon I suggest you contact Dr. Vijay of The Healing Rooms tel: 56376166, make an appointment, bring your pet along, let him tell you yes/no

As far as the spaying is concerned, the procedure for large,medium, or very small breed is exactly the same. The main difference is in the tieing up of the blood vessels after surgery and how well the doctor could do it without causing damages. U do realise that tiny blood vessels require a steady hand and good eye sight of the surgeon.

Do make an attempt to call Healing Rooms and see what the doctor says.

Opinion expressed may appear unorthodox & unconventional, sometimes even controversial but facts given are assured of their accuracy.

K9 Maniac

Sep 5, 2009, 9:29 PM

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Re: [suchiate] Spaying 3 pounds yorkshire terrier [In reply to] Can't Post

1 pound = to how many kg?


Sep 6, 2009, 6:20 AM

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Re: [luv_leehom517] Spaying 3 pounds yorkshire terrier [In reply to] Can't Post

1kg = 2.2lbs

3lbs is approx 1kg 200gm 1lb is abt 400gm

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