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360 on TV3


Feb 6, 2009, 12:56 AM

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360 on TV3 Can't Post

I'm not sure if anyone watched 360 on TV3 last night (04 Feb 08)... There was this story about Setapak dog pound which is said to brutally kill dogs by pulling them by the neck..... there was a footage on it too.... wonder how the pound ppl are going to react to his....

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Feb 6, 2009, 2:19 AM

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Re: [khengteik] 360 on TV3 [In reply to] Can't Post

KL mayor is outraged... www.mmail.com.my/Animal_torture_chamber.aspx

there is a peaceful protest by animal lovers at the setapak pound this saturday 11am...

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Feb 6, 2009, 6:50 PM

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Re: [ai_ney] 360 on TV3 [In reply to] Can't Post

Wah... the article quite defensive lehh... alleged??? i dont think that word is applicable here lor.... the footage was already aired and i would say quite alot of people seen it.....

Anyway, i dont think that anything radical would be done here..... as this is not the first time such things has happened.... remember the monkey's case???

And dont tell me the people at SPCA who is not a block away, but a door away do not know about what is happening?? Like i pointed out... SPCA literally means Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.... so for barking out loud.... do something la.... check out the websites of SPCA in other countries.... they are not only talking about adoptions, medical issues, etc... they also take complaints and have a team of investigators doing their work... and dont tell me about SPCA Malaysia not having budget.... SPCA in other countries are also NGO's... if really cannot do, then change name la... dont call SPCA.... call something else... maybe SRRA for Society of Rescuing and Rehoming of Animals...

it has been a few years since i really got myself involved in animals.... and i still dont understand what is the role of SPCA in Malaysia.... y SPCA when u cant/not allowed to do anything? might as well change the name of the society... or is it just because of the glamour??

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Feb 6, 2009, 11:47 PM

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Re: [khengteik] 360 on TV3 [In reply to] Can't Post

I totally agree with u KT.

1) SPCA has a Klinik Kembiri in the Pound, and things happen right under their nose. Plus, they have received complaints from PUBlic in November and requested the Director of Health, DBKL for explanation ..& still waiting until now lah...until TV3 capture the incident on hidden camera...

2) DBKL mentioned the 'uncalled' for killing is probably due to the unavailability of euthanise chemical...but then, since November ke????and are that it saying it is still acceptable??

Our next concern here is that our community has become totally absurd & has lost its faith in humanity& respect for GODs creature. Killing this helpless animal is just a start of bigger crime. When killing is so enjoyable and simple, they venture into bigger killings - humans. Its a pleasure to inflict pain on others and enjoying it & especially when you can get away with it.

Let us all pray & hope the barbaric killings of our best frens will be put to a stop, after the Protest this Saturday. Hope the voice of us the taxpayers will be heard (even when Election is nowhere near).

Jgn nanti DBKL cakap "look like us, sound like us' ...but not us lar..caption from some 'dog farm' in China ....aiyo...!!!

One more thing, with so much public donation, dont tell me, SPCA cant afford to take DBKL to court for such abuse for these poor animals. Should DBKL refuse to take positive action to stop tis torture. I raise my case.


Feb 7, 2009, 5:58 AM

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Re: [myzanordin] 360 on TV3 [In reply to] Can't Post

Myza... its good to hear from u....

things like this should first of all not happen at all... no reason is valid for doing these kind of killings... if they do not have enough medicine/poison to euthanize the dogs or cats, then it is not only their fault for not informing their higher management... it is also the fault of the higher management for not taking things seriously...

i believe in one thing.. that is if you have opted for a job, it is a responsibility.. no matter how difficult the job is or how dirty the job is, once you applied and you are accepted for the job, it is your responsibility to do as required. if you are not prepared for that responsibility, then dont freaking apply for the job. even if you dont like the job, you are paid to do the job, which means it is your responsibility to carry out the job as per the job specs.... sometimes even more. that is why i get so worked out whenever i go to eateries and their service sucks.... even if we are paying for the service tax.... so back to the DBKL issue... whatever it is, it is the workers responsibility to inform the management if the medication is already low on stock...

and what i really dont get it is what the heck is SPCA doing all these while? do the people who work there and also the people who established SPCA knows what SPCA really really means??? i cant stress this enough... SPCA should be doing all they can to bring these people to justice... not sit on their fat behind and wait and wait and wait... if they do not know what SPCA is, please please google it and find out what it means.... i think Malaysia's SPCA is the only SPCA in the world that is utterly useless... let the other organization deal with the rehoming, help maybe but concentrate more on PREVENTION OF THE CRUELTY OF THE ANIMALS.... bring those individual/s to justice...

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Feb 10, 2009, 6:22 PM

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Re: [ai_ney] 360 on TV3 [In reply to] Can't Post

Dialogue session / meeting with DBKL this Thursday

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