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Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09

Dog Kichi

Nov 1, 2008, 6:43 PM

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Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09 Can't Post

Hi Guys

I have some really crazy idea.. i am not sure if it works but i thought of making a trip up to Thailand with our dogs. Why Thailand is

1. We can drive there cause neighbouring country

2. Thailand dog stuff is cheap and more choice

3. For ourself to enjoy

4. Our currency is bigger thus buying things there should be no problem

I know alot of you will be curiose thinking if there will be any problem crossing the border with our dogs. At the mean time, i am checking on with the Thailand Embassy for more information. Thailand which destination?. i'm open to suggestion, but i have koh sa mui and cha tu chak in mind. It will be a fantastic driving advventure for those who is outgoing and aventurose people. we'll be lost in thailand and its going to be like Amazing Race! ahhah. Those who are working will have to sacrifice their annual leave for at lease 10 days. yeap, i know its a long day but its going to be like a backpaking trip with our dogs!. Regarding to the car, we have a choice to rent or drive own car. drive own car cheeper, rent will be more expensive. :)

If Thailand is too far and too Dangerous for you... i also have Pulau Dayang in Johor in mind. I just got this suggestion last night by a friend. i'm sure alot of ppl will suggest this Pulau Dayang trip cause its nearer... But i am open to your suggestion. which destination do you wish to go?. as for Pulau Dayang, i've not done any planning yet. But the Cherating trip i "WANTED" to organize wont happend cause i heard the island is not clean. water is not clear. and most resort is a no no to pets.

Anyone with any good suggestion on holiday trips with our dogs, please share your opinion or experience. crazy ones is also okay eg. go taiwan, go USA, go planet Mars.. bla bla bla.. i'll see if it can be arranged.

THose trip planned will be mostly be next year April May.

SMell you guys laterzz..



Vic Tea

Nov 2, 2008, 12:02 AM

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Re: [delonhinms] Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09 [In reply to] Can't Post

I guess a local adventure trip is more practical!

Trip to Thailand with dogs? Dog do not have passport...too risky to try it! Malaysian and Thailand Custom do have certain rules and regulation on tran-border of live animals. Although money sometime can settle problem (being in 3rd world corrupted countries like us), but i am sure it will spoil your vacation.

Good Luck!



Nov 3, 2008, 8:42 PM

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Re: [delonhinms] Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09 [In reply to] Can't Post

WAH delon so fast arr not even finish da 1st level of planning yet...anyway as usual u got my 1000% support.Frown


Nov 5, 2008, 2:15 AM

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Re: [delonhinms] Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09 [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Delon,

How about changing your job to tour agent.then can arrange trip for us.

Our company need people like you la, pls apply for a job in my company.

Transport of aniamls to other country need quaratine,some time take days,weeks..so it is not practical, unless we are Singaporean, as Singapore dogs can go anyway without quaratine as Singapore has declared free of rabbies..

Go Cameron Hihgland, nice & cooling at nignt..not too tiring for us and furkids.Actually furkids are quite tension and tired when travelling in car,especially long distance.

Cherating is nice place too..price we paid for are similar to the price we paid for Cameron Highland..btw, Cherating is not Island..is the beach along Club Med.....

Or else you can plan for Japan trip...quaratine 1 hour only..but before that you need ot go Jabatan Haiwan to get the health certificates, make passport for Teddy..send blood sample to Japan for testing & get approval from Japan counter part..bla bla..i have doen that but couldn't materialize my BOSS don;t allowed me to take leave for more than 5 working days


Blush I am the man with dog's name

JS Lew

Nov 5, 2008, 7:05 AM

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Re: [musashi] Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09 [In reply to] Can't Post

Just read a news from internet, a couple tried to bring in a poodle to Singapore by car without declaring it and were caught at the custom. Each was fined S$10,000............Please be careful and understand the requirement before bringing your dogs to other countries. Just imagine if they confiscate your dogs or your dogs need to be quarantined for a month..................

Hi Rocky, not sure should be happy for you............you are so important in your company until your boss won't let you take leave for more than 5 working days!


Nov 5, 2008, 6:31 PM

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Re: [JS Lew] Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09 [In reply to] Can't Post

yeah, I read hte news last night..poor poodle,they are actually trying to smuggle in to Singapore..kept the poodle in thebag, how ignorant they are

According to the news, they are the new owner who just purchaser the poor poodle. wondering why they don't keep it boarding ?

I am not so important, jsut that my BOSS wants to pleased his BOSS, because taking more than 5 wotking days will need CEO's approval, I have other collegues who took 10 days to Europe,thier BOSS never reject...,soon I will get new BOSS

Blush I am the man with dog's name


Nov 5, 2008, 6:43 PM

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Re: [musashi] Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09 [In reply to] Can't Post

hi mr Rocky...
i think i can answer a few of ur concern as i have discuss it with delon before we came out da idea to drive to thailand...

1st - cameron highland is good but notthing much to do ther accept to site seeing...unless some one can help plan out activities but of cos some may not lik to play so it is not tht free and easy concept kinda vacation.

2nd - cherating is good too but i have seen some of da photos taken by my fren and it is not tht clean even if da dog wan to swim we all scare ther might be water mites and stuff lik tht...also becos it is quite near and most ppl can bring them ther themselves so y bother to joing us rite?

3rd - going to thailand is something very challenging and not much ppl can do it even they go themselves...tht y we wan to challenge ourselves to make it possible...

4th - Thailand got this place wher they sell CHEAP CHEAP dog's stuff lik bed, bowl, clothing, and much much more. this means we can shop till we drop...

it may sound crazy to some ppl but me and delon will try to plan this out just lik our redang trip...
i did advise delon not to smuggle da dogs in as it is too risky so he is going to check out da term and regulations and procedures to take furkids with us.

i hope i did answer some of ur concerns as i know delon is very very busy...but if he sees this i hope he can add in a few points just in case i left out any...Frown

(This post was edited by mw_pon on Nov 5, 2008, 6:45 PM)

Dog Kichi

Nov 6, 2008, 7:17 AM

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Re: [mw_pon] Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09 [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Rocky,

yeap, i know its a crazy idea and in fact i wrote in to Thailand and malaysian embassy to check on the requirements if i want to bring the dogs in. Unfortunatly, this time i may not be so lucky as the last time when i wrote into the malaysian meteorlogical department concerning the weather in redang.

The concept of this trip is more like a backpaking with our dogs. usually we will backpack along or with friends and loves one but this time, i thought of doing it with our dogs. I am not too sure if this will be a success as i can feel that this trip is not going to be a easy one because of the travelling and also the duration of the trip. There is a 80% possibility this trip might not happend. But at the mean time, i'm still trying to write into the embassy to check on the requirements.

haha, i dun think i am fit to do this travelling agent thing. as you can see i seldom reply you all and most of the time i have to bug serene to reply on my behalf. But i would like to recommend serene to take this lead in organizing future events for our dogs. anyway have you been to pulau dayang in JB?

HI Serene

THanks for helping me reply on behalf. unfortunatly, still no respond from the embassy. Might want to reconsider another alternative. call me if you are free and see if we can discuss any other ideas. Should this trip fail, we have to think of plan B. PLAN B??!?!?.. oh yeah i didtn inform you sorry :P ehehe.. plan B is that we organize a trip to Pulau Dayang in JB.

Does anyone out there been to GOLDEN SANDS cherating before? pls reply. thanks




Nov 6, 2008, 7:14 PM

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Re: [delonhinms] Organizing Trip To Thailand with Our Dogs (Driving) - May/Jun 09 [In reply to] Can't Post

delon...how come got plan B tht i donno hahaha anyway i am busy now as i am in da mist of changing job so is okie if u FORGOT to tell me this...anyway this trip is still far ahead and i am sure we can figure out plan B C D E F G till Z...hehehe....

highjack for a while arr...if anyone knows da member of da nick name mycrystal (she owns a alaskan malamute) gave birth to a health baby boy on 4th Nov 2008 10am...i wish she will get well soon and hav a HAPPY family....hope every one will say their blessing to this new family...


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