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Sep 5, 2008, 8:06 PM

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HELPP.... Can't Post

I have a almost 6mth old shihtzu pup. Have been training him to poo/pee outside (at the backyard). And he was doing fine, till i started taking him out to the porch area. Cuz sometimes if i dont open the backyard door, i'll just let him run in the front porch area to pee/poo.
Does it kinda affect his routine of poo/peeing outside? cuz he has been poo/peeing inside the house nowadays, even with the door that leads to the porch/backyard is open...
N, I also would like to train him to poo/pee in the toilet. Can puppies learn to poo/pee in a few places? cuz sometimes, if he cant go out, i hope he can be trained to poo/pee in the toilet, instead of the whole house..Crazy

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Sep 5, 2008, 9:33 PM

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Re: [jackymch] HELPP.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Dear Jacky,

I'm not sure if they can be trained to pee/poo at several spots around the house. It may be confusing for them actually but I like to stressed that it may not be impossible....just in case someone has successfully done so. However, if your dog is most of the time indoor, then I suggest to just stick to one spot. It's easier to train that way.

For the benefit of those just started to train their puppy, the idea most effective is to confine them to a restricted area from the very begining. I share with you from my experience of bringing home a 7 weeks old pup (that was 9 months ago). I immediately started the toilet training routine. First, identify which toilet/area which you intend to train your pup to do her business but make sure this toilet is not used by anyone in the house. It will be the pup's home till he/she grows or rather successfully trained. First, I confined my pup only to the shower area. Her cage takes up about 1/3 of the space. I place her water/food/towel/toys/etc in the cage and newspapers on the remaining 2/3 of the space outside the cage. Now, in most cases, the pup will not poo in her cage when she knows that that's where she eats/sleeps/chew her toys. Of course, the door of the cage must remain open all the time. They will surely come out to the newspaper area occasionally to explore. You must buy those potty training droplets to put on the papers so that your pup recognize that that's where they do their business. It will get messy because your pup will definately step all over the poo/pee and worst still, they start to shred the papers into pieces. It's very normal. But the key here is to let them know the papers is where they should pee/poo.

Once you see there is a consistency of your pup peeing/pooing outside the 2/3 area, then it will be time to expand the area. I then, place the cage outside the shower area but again with the cage door remains OPEN ALL THE TIME facing the shower area (also using my shower sliding door/screen to block of the remaining area so that my pup have no full access yet to the whole bathroom). Now, her pee/poo area is 100% the shower area and her sleeping/eating place is still inside her cage (Remember to feed her inside the cage at this stage, not outside yet). Forgot to mention that all this time, make sure that your toilet main door/windows remains open all the time for air circulation. We wouldn't want to make it uncomfortable for your furkid. You will notice that your pup will maybe prefer to come out to the newspaper are to play most of the time or even sleep but that's alright. As long as they are doing their business on the papers. After few days, it will be time to test your pup. Now, you should shift your cage to the entrance of the main door with her cage door open all the time facing inwards to the toilet. Now, I can only presume that your cage will be wide enough to block off the access to the rest of the house area. It should now act as your main toilet door. Your pup will now be able to have access to all area of the toilet. You will still need to lay newspapers on the shower area but as for rest of the toilet area - it will now be his/her play area. In theory, your pup will play alot now in this play area and when he/she needs to do her business, she should run to the shower area, not on the play area. The good thing about this setup is that he/she can view outside the toilet area now. Occasionally, during play time, remove the cage...let her out of the house to play but direct your pup back to the toilet with treats as a bait every now and then. This is to train your pup to know how to get back to the toilet on her own.

Watch her like a hawk when she's out from the toilet area because puppy usually can't hold very long. If you see any signs, immediately carry her to the shower area and place her on the newspaper and say "potty" or whatever word you are comfortable with. With much repetition and patience, I would say that your pup will be trained successfully. But again, my experience is only for small dogs. I think for larger breeds, potty training in the toilet area may not be so viable since there isn't much space for them to turn around when they are fully grown - better do it outside the house.

Once you pup is fully trained, you can use a tray as her potty area and no longer need to confine your dog.

Now, even after they are fully trained, they will have a habit to shred newspapers which makes me frustrated at the begining. Hence I came up with a solution that will help many of us. I have attached some pictures here but looks like my colleagues are rushing me to go lunch now. I will explain abit more the next time I login.

Hope the above information is helpful for those who needs it.
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Sep 5, 2008, 10:55 PM

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Re: [klk] HELPP.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Ok, back to the part of using a tray as her potty area - think it is pretty straight forward from the pictures shown. You will need:
1. A plastic tray (which can be obtained from most pet stores - the bigger the better)
2. Newspapers
3. Disposable underpad (this is optional but it will solve the problem of your dog stepping on his/her urine since it absorbs liquid far better than newspapers)
4. Plastic netting (you can get these in most hardware shops)
5. Paper binders (Very,very IMPORTANT: try to get the bigger ones because they hold better and be careful on the clip side holders because my pup once manage to take it out from the clip. I was afraid she might choke on it)

The reason why we need the plastic net and binders is to hold down firmly the papers/wee wee pad & to restrict your pup from shreding newspapers. Hence, you can come home and not worry about papers everywhere.

I guess that's about it. All the best for everyone that are training their furkid.


Sep 6, 2008, 8:21 AM

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Re: [klk] HELPP.... [In reply to] Can't Post

ic ic.. i confined my pup to the toilet area, if i have to leave the house for a long period, ie work. but i do come back during lunch to let him out to pee n poo..
The thing is, since he is already used to the fact that the toilet is actually his sleeping/eating/playing area, is it still possible to toilet train him?
I tried to take him to the toilet to poo/pee, but apparently he'll hold till his outside, or somewhere in his fav spot in the house..Tongue
N, he whines when he is caged. Cuz he has been having plenty of freedom.. hehe.. I shouldnt hv listened to my mom, cuz she was the one that said, i shouldnt lock him up. Sigh, NOT that i want to cage him, its just i want him to be used to the crate.. but now, he has had the taste of freedom, putting him in his crate back means alot of whining, which makes me a bad mommy by not letting him out... hahah..
But Im trying to get him get used to the crate again. In the morning, he makes less fuss if being put in crate, but when nite comes, oh dear, he makes a lot of fuss.. sigh..
hmm.. perhaps i could try getting a bigger cage instead of his crate...?? to be put in the toilet? a big enuf cage where he can eat play and sleep?

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Sep 8, 2008, 6:15 PM

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Re: [jackymch] HELPP.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Unsure You seem to be having the same problem with one of my friend. His dog also thinks the toilet is the place to sleep instead of pee/poo. I do not know how to reverse the situation because I trained my dog from the very moment I brought her back. Furthermore, she was sooo tiny, which makes it easier because I do not need such a big cage. Also if you read carefully, I did not mentioned to lock your pup in the cage but instead keep the cage door open all the times but restrict her area of roaming.

Any dog/pup will definately whine is they are caged. If you dog is now used to doing his business outside the house, then continue to train her to do so. I suppose if he accidently did it inside the house, then you may need to take her out immediately and probably scolding him will be sufficient. They normally know when we are angry and then, keep him out for atleast 5 minutes before bringing him back into the house.

I suppose this might work. Perhaps other forumers might be able to give some suggestions as well. Also, you may want to try browsing around. Who knows, you might find an answer to your problem.


Sep 9, 2008, 6:01 PM

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Re: [klk] HELPP.... [In reply to] Can't Post

haha.. tx for advice nway..:) BTW, ur tray cool ler...:)
N yea, perhaps, i'll just train him to pee/poo outside. What i worry is that, i have to leave for work. So currently, i wil leave him in the toilet when i go for work. But i make sure b4 i leave, he has done his big n small bisnez.. n i'll be back to let him out after couple hours.. i hoped he can do his bisnez in toilet so he does not need to tahan lor.. kesian ler..like us, when we tahan n tahan n tahan.. haha.. not good for health ma...
N if im not around, i'll just drop him at my grandma's place.. haha.. there, he is free to roam around..:) doing his bisnez outside freely...
i will scold him when i c him doing his bisnez in the house.. but then the prob is i dont c him doing... haha.. so cannot scold or beat directly.. can only make long face niar...Frown




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