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10 Promises to My Dog (2008) movie premiere


Jun 19, 2008, 12:40 AM

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10 Promises to My Dog (2008) movie premiere Can't Post

10 Promises to My Dog (2008) movie premiere

Hope this movie will be shown in Malaysia soon. This is the latest Japanese movie about therapy dogs, from the same producer of the popular movie ‘Quill’ is going to be another blockbuster. The premiere was shown in GV Singapore last night, the proceeds of this charity premiere will go to a society for abandoned dogs (ASD).

The story is about a girl who found a ‘stray’ puppy and decided to keep her – the audience will know at later part in the movie that the puppy is not a stray. As the puppy’s right front paw has white patch so the girl’s mother named the puppy ‘Socks’. Girl’s father is a doctor but spent most of the time at the hospital, mother was sick at the time but able to go for walk with daughter & Socks, she taught her the 10 promises to keep with Socks, the three had lots of great time together but the mother died of illness after a short while. Socks stayed beside the girl & been through many sad & happy occasions together, until her father was transferred to another town, they have to leave without Socks. So she left Socks under the care of her schoolmate – a boy who is a talented guitarist & plays perfect Pachelbel's Canon, few months later his parents sent him oversea to pursue music, Socks was left alone & ran away, but was soon reunited with girl & her father. Her father resigned from the hospital, they went back to their original home where he set up his own clinic, they had some happy time together, the girl graduated and became a vet, has her social network & work commitment at another town, she hardly went back and was slowly drifted apart from Socks, who was already getting old. Boy came back after his oversea studies & plays his favourite Pachelbel's Canon during one of his stage performance; this is one of the saddest part of the movie where all the flashback was shown. Socks was coming to the end of her life but was holding on to her last breath until she sees the girl…… …

I think the main purpose of this movie is that dogs can be perfect companion during our time in grief, sickness, loneliness… … Socks was with the girl when her mother died, Socks was with the father during his time of loneliness when daughter did not come home, Socks was with the boy when he was depressed, she will wag her tail in accordance to the music rhythm when he plays the guitar.

This movie is educational as well as filled with humour, but please standby some tissue – the producer of ‘Quill’ is going to touch your emotion deeply again………

The Ten Commandments of Dog Ownership (Author Unknown):

1) Listen patiently to what I have to say.

2) Trust me, for I am always on your side.

3) Play with me a lot.

4) Don’t forget that I have feelings, too.

5) Let’s never fight.

6) If I don’t obey you, I have a good reason.

7) You have school, and friends, but as for me, I only have you.

8) Stay my best friend even when I’m old.

9) I’ll only live about ten years, so let’s make every moment count.

10) I’ll never forget our life together, so when my time comes, please be by my side.

"...love me...feed me...never leave me..." - Garfield


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