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how to feed her less than 4 weeks old

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Feb 2, 2008, 12:28 PM

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how to feed her less than 4 weeks old Can't Post

hi all ,i'm Zix,i just got a small dog from my fren's fren..i think d dog just less than 4 weeks old. here's some problem i facing,how i feed her?i'm so worry she couldn't make it, if i not feeding her full. at 1st i tot i can ask d owner to keep her for a month then bring her back, but d owner ask me to bring back now if not will give other ppl,no choice lo..and also i found lot of fleas and ticks on her body,i try to pick them out, but..but just a lot of them,how can i totally remove them?i bought d shampoo this morning,but i don think i can shower her while she still small, now i got feeding her milk(powder mix wif warm water) which i bought it from a pet shop,my fren told me i can feed her wif wet bread,can i??i'll update her pic later.

many thanks.


Feb 2, 2008, 3:17 PM

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Re: [zix] how to feed her less than 4 weeks old [In reply to] Can't Post

err exactly how old is less then 4 weeks? if the pup is already almost 4 weeks i think u can actually start the dog on kibbles d but of course need to mix with warm water / milk

as for the fleas dun ever use those shampoo or flea medicine one them yet. at least wait for the pup to be 2 -3 months of age. Frontline swears that their med can be used on very young pups but then the risk is still there. try catching the fleas/ ticks using those flea combs. it will take some effort n time but it will help minimize the problem

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Feb 21, 2008, 1:06 AM

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Re: [zix] how to feed her less than 4 weeks old [In reply to] Can't Post

u have the same prob i had. what u need to do is soak puppy kibbles in warm water till very soft. almost like bread kinda soft. user hot water so by the time it's soft it'll be warm. make sure when u feed the puppy the food isn't too hot etc. get some nutracal just in case. my pup was avoiding food that he had hypoglycemia.
also don't shower yet. if u really HAVE to, get the fonrtline spray. there is one safe for puppies BUT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. do not spray too much. just a tiny bit is enough to kill all the fleas and ticks. if u put too much you will poison your pup.


Feb 26, 2008, 10:11 PM

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Re: [zix] how to feed her less than 4 weeks old [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi, how ur pup doing? Growing well...?

I got my Daisy when she was abt a month old. Her previous owner also wanted me to take her early coz they wanted to get rid of all the pups. She hadnt been weaned yet so when I brought her home I fed her full cream UHT milk from a baby bottle every few hours. My baby was so spoilt that she refused to eat any solids till I forced weaned her at abt 3 months old.



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