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How to train her the 'right' time to poo ? help !!


Jan 25, 2008, 5:34 PM

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How to train her the 'right' time to poo ? help !! Can't Post

Hi , all ,Frown

i'm facing a problem , last time when i train my puppy outdoor poo , she is no problem , she did it very well , she poo on the grass .we r so happy .

but this few months , i found that she poo inside her cage every nite, now she already nine months old, we give her twice a day for her meal.n she started to poo inside her cage especially in the midnite,so when i wake up i need to clean her cage every morning.

actually when she is puppy , every morning ard 7am , she will started to bark (like morning call ) , so we have to wake up n let her out for poo . but now , in the morning she already poo inside the cage.we even before we go to sleep we will let her out for poo again, but she did not poo .

so juz need advice from those who know how to train her pooing at the 'right' time ,coz we put her inside the house (near dry kitchen) so is smelly when she poo.i'm so headache .........pls help !!!

Old Kaki

Feb 1, 2008, 11:28 AM

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Re: [wowow] How to train her the 'right' time to poo ? help !! [In reply to] Can't Post

Nevermind lor if she wants to do it in her cage. Atleast she;s not doing it all over your house... Maybe she just prefers the cage better than the grass. Yes, dogs have preference ya know?

Canine Addict

Mar 18, 2008, 12:53 AM

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Re: [wowow] How to train her the 'right' time to poo ? help !! [In reply to] Can't Post

did u break her routine by anychance or by accident? doing so just once is enough to break it for your puppy.

the right time to poo is up to you and will definately need A LOT of your time. give some incentive to your puppy. if your pup doesn't poop, your pup is NOT gonna go home. yes it will take up a lot of your time BUT it's up to you, do you want your pup to poop at the "right" time or anytime.

what you can try is, after feeding, usually there will be an urge to go. my pup pees everytime after he eats and will poop usually within 30-45 mins of food. y? cause he wants to come out to play. i've made it a routine that as soon as he weewee he gets a praise. as soon as he poops i let him out. you can try an alternative to this, but the basic idea is, praise when your pup does something right, and build on that. the more your pup wants something the more you can use that against your pup. anything from food, treats, toys etc. the more your pup wants something, the more you can use that to teach.


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