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My Pup kills kittens! Please Help!!!


Nov 17, 2007, 6:29 AM

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My Pup kills kittens! Please Help!!! Can't Post

ok..my dog, osmosis, is a very inltelligent pup (8 months) and hes so very sweet, but when he goes outside by himself (hes behaved to do that, he does his business and comes back to the door) he tends to try and play with the baby kittens outside. this has been a problem beforer when we had kittens inside he had gotten out of his cage and killed one. i know he only means to play but he doesnt understand that its not okay to play with them like that. i really need help! ive tried using treats and using "nice, play nice" when hes gerntle with them, ive tried yelling at him when he goes near them and nothing works, he still will play with them behind my back. i know that if i watch him more closely then obviously i could catch him but i want to train him so that when im not around he will leave them alone. i like to just let him out by himself at night cus its dark and cold for me and he never strays hes very good itws just the cat thing. with my older cats he kinda does the same thing but they are bigger and if hes too rough they just run away or scratch him. i dont know what to do i find myself locking ozzie up in his crate because im so upset and disgusted at what hes done. hes a good dog and he loves those kittens but i need help on how to get him to be less harsh when he plays with them. i measn these kittens are just weeks old so they cant defend themselves. please please, any advice or training tips i really need to break this!!!!!!
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Nov 17, 2007, 8:18 PM

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Re: [smokey774] My Pup kills kittens! Please Help!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hai I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. 2 cats are matured cat (7-8 years) and the latest one is a kitten, probaby 2 mths old.

I have not had baby kitten before, so, I am not sure how u can intro them. Hwever, for my current kitten, yes, my doggies do play fight with her (which I got just befre Hari Raya). Dogs tend to become a bit rough, cos, they just donno their stamina...I am just lucky, cos, so far, no one gets hurt....in fact, I think they love each other's company. My mixed breed , love to play hide and seek with her...

I wld suggest, u have no choice, but to seperate them until the kitten is big enough to accept the 'roughness' or defend itself..u have to monitor the doggie and pull the kitten away....each time he approaches it...as long he knws that that is not 'food', it is still under control...it will take time, for the doggie to knw..the 'do's' and 'don'ts'...

In fact, weeks old cat, shldnt be playing or intro to any adult cat or more so, dogs....stilll too young for anything....yr dog probably think its a rat...or a toy...

Good luck to u...

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Nov 25, 2007, 1:13 AM

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Re: [myzanordin] My Pup kills kittens! Please Help!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

About dog and kitten, you have to seprate them. By a way u mention here about your cat age. How about your dogs? Did you bring them to Animal school? Is better for them learn from young and not during old age. Does your cat and dogs have thier own microchip and license??Dog i sugguest that is beter for you have a family pets.

Is better for you to get pet Vet advise and it will help. thanks


Jan 8, 2008, 1:20 PM

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Re: [smokey774] My Pup kills kittens! Please Help!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hey I totally understand! My puppy kills cats all the time! I feel sooo bad! OH I sell t shirts and just email me if u are interested!

Canine Addict

Jan 9, 2008, 12:16 AM

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Re: [smokey774] My Pup kills kittens! Please Help!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

welp smokey...unfortunately your pup wont' be able to learn from kittens. bigger cats maybe. so you'll have to be the teacher. you can't teach a dog if u don't know he doesn't knwo what he's doing is right or not. you'll need to be there to train him at first. when he's good while you ARE around, chances are he MIGHT be good when you're NOT around. so initially you'll have to be there first. if it doesn't work, then you'll need somethign to keep oozie away from the kittens. don't lock him up, as this might build even more hate in him for kittens.

there are lots of alternatives but every way, will need you to be there. the only one that doesn't is caging.


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