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50th anniversary of Laika....

K9 Senior

Nov 4, 2007, 10:22 AM

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50th anniversary of Laika.... Can't Post

Do you know?

Yesterday 3rd Nov, is the 50th anniversary of Laika.. the first living being sent to orbit in space, back in 1957.

Laika is a female stray mutt Frown.
Sent by the russians to space as an experiment before sending a human being. This is a sad story and animal abuse. PirateUnsure

Check out the infos..., to read complete stories, click the links.

"....Laika was the first dog sent into orbit around the Earth (other dogs were launched earlier on sub-obital flights). She rode on Sputnik 2, a Russian mission that blasted off on November 3, 1957.

Laika was originally thought to have survived in Earth orbit for four days, dying in space when the batteries to the cabin over-heated. In 2002, it was revealed that Laika died roughly 5 to 7 hours into the flight, from overheating and stress....."

".....Stray dogs, rather than animals accustomed to living in a house, were chosen because the scientists felt they would be able to tolerate the rigours and extreme stresses of space flight better than other dogs. Female dogs were used because of their temperament and because the suit for the dogs in order to collect urine and faeces was equipped with a special device, designed to work only with females...."

".... The dog Laika, the first living creature to orbit the Earth, did not live nearly as long as Soviet officials led the world to believe.

The animal, launched on a one-way trip on board Sputnik 2 in November 1957, was said to have died painlessly in orbit about a week after blast-off.

Now, it has been revealed she died from overheating and panic just a few hours after the mission started. ."

"....training included standing still for long periods of time, wearing space suits, being placed in simulators that acted like a rocket during launch, riding in centrifuges that simulated the high acceleration of a rocket launch and being kept in progressively smaller cages to prepare them for the confines of the space capsules.

Dogs that flew in orbit were fed a nutritious jelly-like protein. This was highly fibrous, and assisted the dogs to excrete during large amounts of vegetating time. More than 60% of dogs to enter space were reportedly suffering from constipation and gall bladder stones on arrival back to base...."

"....Laika's pioneering journey made her one of the most famous dogs in the world.

She is perhaps the only character in the Monument to the Conquerors of Space (1964), other than Lenin himself, who can be individually identified by name. A plaque commemorating fallen cosmonauts was unveiled at the Institute for Aviation and Space Medicine in Star City, Moscow, in November 1997; Laika appears in one corner.

Several postage stamps from different countries have pictured her. Brands of chocolate and cigarettes were named in her honour, and a large collection of Laika memorabilia still appear in auctions today..."





No Buying! No Selling! No Breeding!

Don't Lost your dogs!!
Please make sure they are safe at home!

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