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Saint Bernard lover!

sleeping beauty

Aug 17, 2007, 9:03 AM

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Saint Bernard lover! Can't Post

Hi all St Bernard lover!

I just get a 2 months St B. puppy for 3 days. It is so cute and lovely, but I couldn't stop myself and my hubby to scold him when he pee and poo everywhere. I'm so sad when I scolded him but he really make me frustrated! He pee and poo everywhere and make himself dirty on it. I've tried very hard to guild him to the proper location to pee and poo but it seems like doesn't work. when he start turning aroung and looking for the location to pee and poo. i pick him up immediately to the location i prefer. But then he stop to doo his business. Right after he go away from there, then he do it again. I even bought the spray for attracting pet to pass motion for him, but it doesn't help at all. I've scolded him seriously when I notice that he sleep on his poo in the morning. Am I using the wrong way to guild him? To all St B owner, is this there common behaviour? Please share some experience with me. I find him so dirty and smelly when his fur stick with the stain of his pee... Unsure I feel like bath him once every three days, it this ok? and how should I dry him up as he can't stand the heat of a hair dryer. I really headache with this baby but I still love him so much.Blush I Love U, Kenji!!!
Sleeping Beauty & Kenji


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