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Need advice: Street dog attacks!


Jun 20, 2007, 11:30 PM

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Need advice: Street dog attacks! Can't Post

Last Sunday, my friend brought his dog out for a walk. Unfortunately, his dog fought with the neighbour’s street dog in loose chain. It has caused his pet Shih Tzu suffering from proptosis, eye pop-out from socket because of dog fight.

I just discharged my friend’s pet Shih Tzu from hospital. The Shih Tzu is ok now but has lost one eye. It was really a sad and unacceptable fate for us. It was not the first time the street dog was being released with chain on his neck and venture around the place for trash and etc. It also been said that few cases occurred that the street dog chasing kids around the area and the kids get hurt!

I am so concern and worry about the irresponsible owner of the dog as the problems came after he moved into the area few months ago. I have never spoken to them yet as I afraid it will caused more conflict and problem if it does not work out. I worried the incident will happen again because it is still a threat for two of my dogs.

Please advice,
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Jul 19, 2007, 7:26 PM

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Re: [kentoshi] Need advice: Street dog attacks! [In reply to] Can't Post

my symphathy to ur friend doggie...i suggest u to tell him straight but nicely and not in scoulding manner. just tell him that u r worried that the dogs may be provoked by other kids and by defending himself will attack the kids and may cause him to be caught by the authorities and also that ur friend dog had been hurt and ur friend worries that his "family pet" may perish.and hope he can prevent this from happening again.if the neighbour ignores then still give 3 warnings before u do anything serious. u may not be able to stop neighbour dog from terrorizing ppl/pet but the owner /and ur friend to be more careful. just wondering btw shih tzu are home doggies how on earth can it be attacked if its in house compound with gate supposingly locked? so pls advice ur friend to keep his pet at home

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