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Fungal Infection??


May 30, 2007, 9:00 PM

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Fungal Infection?? Can't Post

Hi there,

I am new to puppy.com

My Jack Russell is 3-month old. Recently, he has been scratching himself a lot. He likes to brushed his tummy on carpet.(due to itchiness) He has also developed small bumps on his hind legs and he is losing fur on the tips of his ears and nose. I used an Oat-based shampoo and that sort of relief the itch a little. I have also brought him to a vet and he diagnosed him as suffering from mange though he did not find any traces of mange from skin scraping. He prescribe my puppy with a medicated shampoo. Upon using the shampoo, Jet (my puppy's name) started to strach more. I have now stopped the shampoo and upon the 2ne visit to the vet...he diagnose Jet to suffer from fungal infection and gave me another shampoo. I am starting to lose confident with my vet. Have anyone of you been through similar problem with your K9?? If so, do you have any vet to recommend? Or do you have any suggestion as to a remedy for Jet?


May 31, 2007, 3:08 AM

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Re: [KK_Jet] Fungal Infection?? [In reply to] Can't Post


My doggie have serious skin infection when she is puppy. It's really burst up my wallet just keeping seeing vet. I can recommend you this very good shampoo it's called Sebolyse it works well on my puppy. This medicated shampoo only you can by from vet & petshop they do not sell. If sebolyse do not work & then you really need Malaseb shampoo a very strong medicated shampoo but do not recommend use on puppy. Most probably if have skin infection, atleast you need to shower your puppy twice a week.

Another reason is kibble/foods. Do you feed puppy kibble? Most probably puppy kibble contain very high protein, maybe your JET cannot take too high protein. Which brand of kibble do you feed? If affordable, try on holistic kibble. Since your JET have sensitive skin, remember dun ever feed her any foods that contain chicken & beef. Lamb will do ok. Read your kibble brand carefully do they contain wheat, corn & soy, this 3 ingredient might cause skin itchy too.


May 31, 2007, 4:25 AM

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Re: [KK_Jet] Fungal Infection?? [In reply to] Can't Post

Most Vets will either advice the dog owner give injection or medicated shampoo when they see the dog have pimple and lost furs even they can't diagnosed the cause of the problem. Medicated shampoo like Sebazole will only further dry up your dog skin and coat and your dog will get more itchy due to dry skin.

Usually, puppy have this problem is due to dog owner feeding their puppy too much dog food kibble (food available all the time). Puppy will develop pimple or even obesity when the puppy consume high protein dry dog food kibble & less water consumption. In order to help solve the problem. You can try reduce the dog food intake per day and encourage your pup drink more water. Try one day give abit of 100plus to the pup it will help. Once the sympton reduce stop giving the pup as I don't want the pup to be spoil.

Lamb formula dog food are not design specific to help improve the skin & coat. It design for dog that are allergy on other meat protein.

Chicken meat protein are the most palatable protein for our furkids. If your furkid are ok with it just stick to it.


May 31, 2007, 5:11 AM

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Re: [zhung] Fungal Infection?? [In reply to] Can't Post


I feed him only with dry dog food. He has been on Eukanuba when I had him. I recently switched him to PurinaPro (lamb and rice) because I thought the itchiness was caused by giving him Eukanuba.
I will try to look for the shampoo you suggested. Tks!


May 31, 2007, 5:23 AM

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Re: [chrisong] Fungal Infection?? [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Chris,

Actually, the vet gave Jet a jab called Ivermectin. But it does not seem to help. In fact, I noticed after the jab, his bumps spread to his front paws. :(
He has yet to take his 3rd vacination, I am not sure if I should go ahead with the 3rd jab looking at his current skin condition. He is still active. The vet asked me to bring him in this weekend for the 3rd jab.

Hmm...you could be right bout over-feeding him. My sisters and I used to spoil him with food, can't help but succumb to his sad, begging face. But I started reducing his food when I notice his stomach size getting bigger than his head. YEIKS!! He doesm however drinks A LOT, especially after a good run around the house.


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