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Babe poodle keep itchy all the time


Apr 12, 2007, 5:41 PM

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Babe poodle keep itchy all the time Can't Post

Someone could help me. I got a poodle whic almost two months old and she been with me for almost two weeks. The first time I brought her back there's no problem with her. But after a few days i see her keep scratching her body and her ear. So i bath her and clean her up, but she still scratching and sometimes she look like very very ithcy like that cos she will scratch until she grumbling like that. So i call up the owner which i get babe from him. He said maybe the food i gave to her was not suitable and ask me to change it. He advise me not to give beef meat to poodle type. So i quickly read the food ingredient and i find there's content beef so i change the food to chicken and egg. It's already one week i gave it to my babe poodle but she still no changes and keep scratching awfully. The seller told me that if she keep scratching it will hurt her skin and i scare of that. Until now i haven't find out wheter is the food causing her skin ithcy or not. For your information i give my poodle pedigree food. Any advice for me


Apr 12, 2007, 5:55 PM

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Re: [tanmoon] Babe poodle keep itchy all the time [In reply to] Can't Post

Try California Natural Herring & Potatoes & also check & clean up her ears (ears wax & ears mites).

Rinse well after shampoo & conditioner. Left over shampoo & conditioner on her body will irritate her skin.

Lastly, check whether she got ticks/fleas on her body. Frontline spray & spot on will solve this problem. But never use it for long term.

Old Kaki

Apr 13, 2007, 2:49 AM

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Re: [tanmoon] Babe poodle keep itchy all the time [In reply to] Can't Post

Check and see whether there's skin flaking off and patches of fur coming off. This could indicate demodectic mange which is not uncommon in young puppies. If this is the case, you'll need to get the vet to deal with this.


May 14, 2007, 10:51 PM

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Re: [tanmoon] Babe poodle keep itchy all the time [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi tanmoon,

Try do not feed your babe with supermarket brands kibble, example Alpo, pedigree & etc.

If she is allergic with beef, I think chicken also will cause allergic too. Try to feed with lamb & rice. Becareful the shampoo u r using, it might cause irritation too. The best thing is just bring babe to check by the vet & get advise from vet.


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