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Dark Purple Discharge?

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Mar 28, 2007, 3:21 PM

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Dark Purple Discharge? Can't Post

Hello. I've looked all over the internet and found lots of things about eye discharge, but every thing i found was for a clear or yellowish discharge. My newfoundlound has had a dark purple discharge now for quite awhile. We've tried wiping it away, but it always comes back. When we went to the vet, he gave us Tetracycline, but that never worked. I've seen many suggestions on how to temporarily get rid of them, but how about for good? He is a perfectly healthy, happy dog and doesn't show any symptoms of any other illness. Any suggestions?

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May 11, 2008, 10:29 AM

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Re: [himerusanderos] Dark Purple Discharge? [In reply to] Can't Post

hi there

Not sure if by discharge you are refering to common all garden tear stains. These tend to be dark red/rust in colour.

They are the result of the bacteria in the tears multiplying and providing the building blocks for the dreaded red yeast.

I would expect antibiotics such as tylosin or tetracycline to work as they kill the bacteria. Unfortunately some dogs grow in and out of tear stains. The stains are evidence of red yeast.

There are a number of reasons for this but in general it is the result of breeding.

The shape of the dog's face means that the tears build up rather than falling away. These tears contain bacteria which bind with the oxides in the dogs tears and eventually provide the building blocks for the enzymes that are the basis of the dreaded red yeast. Because the tears build up the bacteria has a damp warm environment in which to multiply.

Until recently the only solution guaranteed to work was to use antibiotics such as Tylosin. There are two products on the market that contain Tylosin- Angels eyes and Angels Glow. These work by killing the bacteria in the tears and hence stopping the formation of the red yeast.

In the main Tylosin is safe for dogs but it can be fatal to other animals such as horses.

After they were outlawed in the UK and Europe, as well as other countries such as Austrailia a new product was developed- Angels Delight. This is legal around the world as it is 100% natural and has no antibiotics.


As Angels Delight has no antibiotics it leaves the bacteria as is and instead focuses on the oxides, again preventing the formation of the red yeast.

The major advantage of Angels Delight is that it is holistic- it improves the overall welbeing of your dog or cat. It helps with a whole slew of other issues such as bowl and skin conditions.

All three products are simple to use as you just sprinkle them on your dog's food.

There are a number of wipes and lotions on the market. These tend to be very hit and miss. Some work by making the hair so brittle that the hairs snap and fall off.

The only other solution that is guaranteed to work is to dry away the tears immediately- this of course is not practical


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