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Need advise: Black Cocker Spaniel with Ticks & Shed Fur

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Aug 23, 2006, 4:33 AM

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Need advise: Black Cocker Spaniel with Ticks & Shed Fur Can't Post

Dear all,

Last week, while surfing another forum, I came across a guy who was desperate to give away a 4 yr old black cocker spaniel. He was finally caught by the condo management and giving 24 hour notice to get rid of the dog. The dog was left in a pet shop in subang for the night before it was to be send to SPCA if no one wanted it. Not wanting the dog to be sent to SPCA, I decided to adopt it. I had a soft spot for it the moment I saw it.

I noticed Dexter (yes, it's quite a dodgy name to name a dog but what the heck!) had a couple of ticks in the shop. I told the owner but he said it's probably from leaving the dog overnight. I didn't notice any fur shed but the again, I might have been to occupied to notice. Dex also had some 'danddruff'.

After taking the dog, I took it to a vet in Tmn Segar,Cheras. It's the corner one.. dunno what's the name. Anyway, the doc took a quicklook at the dog and suggest a couple of things to buy and apply. And boy did it burn a hole in my pocket.

1) Frontline (Fipronil) Spray for infestation - Once a month apply 2 days before bath day. The vet's helpers applied the first time.

2) Sebolyse Clear Foam Shampoo - Shampoo once a week for the dandruff

3) Surolan - a couple of drop into the ears coz it was slightly inflamed.

It's been a couple of day after the bath and I noticed that Dex still scrathes himself occasionally but what worries me is that the fur is still shedding in considerable amount (when you sweep the floor).

We are feeding him Alpo dog food btw.

Can someone advise if this is normal? Will it stop soon? How long should i wait till the next course of action? Which is?

Should I consider shaving him and treating the 'dandruff' and fur lost from scratch. Abit bummed at the moment because if this continues, I might need to force him to sleep outside or worst, give him back/away because we have children at home.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks ....


Aug 23, 2006, 6:38 AM

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Re: [wuzzles] Need advise: Black Cocker Spaniel with Ticks & Shed Fur [In reply to] Can't Post

All Dogs required attention and care.

All Dog breeds sheds fur its depend wether is alot or little. Cocker Spaniard do shed alot. A lesson learn. So, do your research about the breed before you consider to bring a dog back.

When dog become old and sick, you required more medical expenses compare to just a normal problem face by you now. It will burn a hole in your wallet. So again, before you consider a dog please be well prepare the commitments of owning a dog. Dog is for life not just for fun and you can throw away anytime. Dog have feeling too.

You currently feeding a supermarket brand dog food to Dex. as most dog owner will not recommend you to feed that brand. A super premium or holistic brand dog food cost more but is good for your dog.

As you did mention you had a soft spot for Dex at the moment you saw him. Don't let Dex down

Good Luck

Dog Kichi

Aug 23, 2006, 6:59 PM

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Re: [wuzzles] Need advise: Black Cocker Spaniel with Ticks & Shed Fur [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Wuzzles,

U are kind to take Dexter home, please don't let your kindness die and let Dex down for the little challenge. Don't worry, those problem could be solved. Only need alittle patient. U'd be able to get lots of help from here but only if u are willing to. Wink

Firstly, the dog food u feed dex is not so good. If u spend alittle more on his food, he'll be healthier and u can save from the medical expanses. Why not change to a better 1? here are some info about dog food i copy from other forum from a very experienced pet owner.

"Premium has quite an amount of corn in it and has some by products but not much. The 1st ingredient is not meat, it can be a bone meal or rice or corn.(RM40 above for 15kg)
- normally some commercial brands or dogfood used by commercial breeders(sorry, don't use this variety of dog food so dunno what brand to recommand)

Super premium has meat or a meat meal as the 1st ingredient. No by products and has no or less corn.... some may use wheat.(RM90 above for 15kg)
-Eukanuba, Nutro, Royal canin, Eagle Pack.... Pro Maintainance... still got more)

Holistic is the most expensive. The 1st ingredient is meat or meatmeal, has no corn, no wheat, no soya, no by products. Contains a long list of natural ingredients like vegies and fruits. Some contain fish, potato and pork. (RM40 above for 3kg)
- Canidae, Eagle Pack, California Natural, Go Natural, NutriEdge, AvoDerm, Chicken Soup for Dog Lover's Soul

it's good to use at least super premium. If u can afford Holistic, that will be even better. Remember, the better food u feed ur furkid, the healthier he'll get. And the less u need to spend on his medical bill, which can shoot rocket high.

The tick problem, frontline is good. It won't cure over a night, but it won't be long. If it's not serious should be in few wks. My Husky got it before too caught from neighbour's dogs. his condition was quite bad and my neighbour's dogs was worse. but after applying medicine, they are all clean after about a month. Smile

About the dandruff and shedding, a better food will improve on that, especially the dandruff. Many dandruff cases are caused by food, causing dry skin. Change the food, for faster effect can try add oil supplement for him. If food won't help then will figure out other cause. but definitely not a difficult thing.

Shedding, better food can minimize it but the minimum amount is depends on the breed. some breed shed more some less. and Cocker Spaniel sheds...Just keep his skin and coat healthy you can keep his shedding to minimum. Then u can figure out something to control the furs in the hse, like more grooming. brush his fur more frequent can brush away the old fur and reduce those fall on the floor. More grooming can make his hair smoother too. Smile

U'll haf a feel of satisfaction once u help Dex solve all these probs. U'll feel the link between u n him. He won't be just the dog u adopted, He'll be the fellow u saved and gone thru the problems together. Then u'll adore him more and he'll loves you very much too. Dogs are humans' best frens. Don't give him up so easily. Ganbatte!!


May 14, 2007, 11:09 PM

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Re: [wuzzles] Need advise: Black Cocker Spaniel with Ticks & Shed Fur [In reply to] Can't Post


The vet u had mentioned I think must be "Segar Vet". The place there is expensive, frontline spray is expensive, Sebolyse & Surolan are expensive too but they are a good products. I'm satisfied on it.

Do not feed supermarket brand of kibble. Start feeding atleast super premium kibble if u can't afford holistic. Previously my dog have a very serious problem, but after feeding her Hoslistic kibble, she look more healthier & I save medical vet fees by just using a better shampoo & better kibble's brand.


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