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Coronavirus vs. Parvo (can the vet be the source of the problem)


Jul 6, 2006, 8:03 AM

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Coronavirus vs. Parvo (can the vet be the source of the problem) Can't Post

Hi, this is my first post online after the introduction of new members page.

I got an adorable litle furball from a pet shop in Penang in the beginning of June this year. Had him for 3 weeks more or less. Just when i bought so many new toys for him, and suddenly he just fell sick and days later died in a horrible way.

I brought FURBY (Pom/poodle mix) to a vet in Penang for his 2nd jab of vaccine just a week before he started showing symptoms of the virus. I suspect that his untimely death was directly caused by a thermometer used during a routine check-up inserted into his err... cute li'l behind before the injection.

I strongly encourage dog-owners to bring along their own thermometer to the vet to minimize risks of infection from other dogs. Furby started vomiting on Friday evening and i brought him back to the same vet on Sat morning and again on Sun morning. There was no suspicion of a viral infection. The doc just gave some medicine for stomach upset and Furby started having diarrhea on Sat afternoon. His condition got worse on Sunday nite and on Mon morning we woke up to find blood with diarrhea. We quickly took him to another different vet and "hospitalized" him and they gave him 3 injections to stop the vomiting and diarrhea and another was vitamin for his fragile state.

He passed away at 2.40p.m. that same afternoon and I arrived just 5 mins after to visit him only to be told by the Dr. that he just passed. I went in to see him and the Vet said that it might be Coronavirus or Parvovirus. Both had similar symptoms and that if the dog dies within 3-5 days after showing the first symptom, it is usually a viral infection. And viruses normally have an incubation period and donít immediately show any signs immediately after contracting it. We were shocked by the drastic change in behavior as he was super hyper that whole week, and I even stayed at home with him the whole day of Friday to play with him when he started to vomit at about 7.30p.m. We thought it was indigestion, but he kept on purging every 1-hour interval until there was nothing left but water. It only stopped when I fed him 100 plus. Sigh...ironic that the one place animals go to be cured was the one place that I think got him killed.

I have no other pets at home and we didn't take him out of the house since we brought him back from the pet shop 3 weeks before. And no, the virus wasn't from the pet shop as the incubation period would have been too long, it normally takes about 1 to 2 weeks to show the first symptom, the Doc said. She agreed that the most likely place was during the 2nd jab. And I looked up in a canine disease & illnesses website, the most common way to contract the Coronavirus or Parvovirus was via infected feces, hence the only way in was the thermometer used. Perhaps it wasn't thoroughly disinfected or sterilized before inserting it into Furby. We wondered if we were dreadful parents and aren't meant to have pets, as he was our first puppy. We just love him so much and to think that such an innocent little baby can suffer and die so horribly is unthinkable. I'm afraid this will put me off ever having another dog as the grief was too great. I wasn't able to work the day after he died as I was crying the whole nite and day.

Are there any cures to this virus and how do we get rid of the remaining bacteria? I got rid of the cage and his blanket, and submerged his toys and other stuff in hot water with dettol, but I'm still worried that if we give the stuff to others, it might spread the virus to them as well? Am i supposed to throw everything away? Any feedback??

FURBY, may you rest in peace and know that your family loves u still
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Sep 11, 2006, 7:18 AM

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Re: [liz.1106] Coronavirus vs. Parvo (can the vet be the source of the problem) [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm so sorry what happened to Furby, i thimk i lost 9 my puppies like that to. I remember when Highway 2 died, Feb. 2, from parvo, I kept his blanket and the bed we made him, you know to remember him, but it was weird; he was in his cage with his brothers and sisters, when him and his sister climbed out and went to the next door neighbors house, watch this, he was super hyper enought to climb out of the cage, run all the way to the neighbors, and eat till he looked like a ball with legs aand a head, and still run around with his brotheren. Now, just over night, about 11 hours since he was playing with his brotheren, I woke up to feed and let them out to play, when i saw him with his back ached and walking around weird, like if he was trying to it in, then about one and half minute of me trying to figure out what was wrong with him, he ppoped blood, like nose bleed blood; 100% blood 0% stool, i called this in and theysaid it might be parvo, but they couldn't help me over the phone, well he died that same day, but what i don't understand is, his health to the time he died, it was like 100% to 0% in just 11 hours...

On April 2, 2005, we had more pups, on accident, they forgot to put the pamper on my dog while I was got... Well, this batch of pups died to, one from birth defects and the other four from the same thing as Highway, on July 05... And on Sep. 12, 2005, more pups, on accident again, from the same thing as the other time, the pamper... these pups were funny, but they died from the same thing, Parvo... I know you are supposed to wait 6 to 12 months to have more dogs or pups, but everyone in my house says that they died from something they, thats way they wanted more pups... cause where we live there basiclly is or wasn't such of a thing as Parvo... till my neighbors got a new Pitbull from up north, new dog new virus... Hmmm?

Sorry for the story, I might get kicked out for not helping, but all I can tell you, is to clean your house with clorox bleach and water (1 gal. water to every 5 oz. bleach mixed). Don't keep the toys or anything for memories... I kept stuff for memories and lost a lot more... Oh, and clean the whole house, floors, tables, chairs, etc, anything Furby or anyone touched since infection and death... Thats it, and good luck... Sorry about Furby, may he rest in peace.


Sep 21, 2006, 8:54 AM

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Re: [reddragon6450] Coronavirus vs. Parvo (can the vet be the source of the problem) [In reply to] Can't Post

Oh my gosh! What happened to your pups was way more kesian than I thought! I didn't think that dogs can die within 11 hours after showing the first sign of being ill....the poor thing must have felt terrible. I felt really really depressed upon hearing your story. I thought Furby's was bad, now I realised I'm so lucky to have at least 3 wonderful precious weeks with him and 3 whole days of manja-ing him since he started vomiting the first time. He got so quiet and manja after that.

The poor dears! I hope your other dogs are ok? I feel that it really depends on the dog's luck too. Someone gave me a puppy in early August and I was scared shitless wondering whether he will also suffer the same fate as Furby but luckily he was made of sterner stuff as he's still very much alive and kicking until now. It hasn't been 6 month's yet since Furby's death and we were really worried there for a while. He's now 3 months old and extremely heavy for his age. So I think it must luck that enabled him to be immune to the virus that may still be around the house.

Don't you feel really helpless just watching your pups die just like that without being able to do anything at all to help them? I think I won't be able to cope with the loss of all your dogs...it's just too depressing. Poor babies! Waaa . I hope you r ok ??

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Sep 21, 2006, 10:25 AM

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Re: [liz.1106] Coronavirus vs. Parvo (can the vet be the source of the problem) [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you... I hope you and your puppy live a long and happy life together, just remember to keep him up to date with his vaccanations, oh and my dogs are doing good.

Thank you again.Frown
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