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Rescue Siberian Husky--Skin problem


Jul 5, 2006, 7:57 AM

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Rescue Siberian Husky--Skin problem Can't Post

Is really hard to tell people that this breed is purebred husky due to he has inffected a very serious skin problem.

Case happen 3 days ago, a abandon siberian husky(purebred) found somewhere near my place. I'm dilemma whether to bring him back or not? But finally i bring him back and allocated at my house.And hope to give him a treatment.

We have grooming off all his hair(the hair are actually damage too). It found with many patches of hair missing everywhere of his body. And he got bad smell too.

Yesterday, I vet came and gave him 2 injections, and spray 2 type of liquid on his affected area.I'm not sure on what kind of injection he gave or spray. but i know one the spray named PETMATE product--pet spray. The vet are oso ask me to feed him anti-bacteria pill.i'll feed him daily with this pill instructed by the VET.

I hope this forum will help me what to do next with this case.I heard that Mr. Derrick Kok are pro in this forum, or maybe any of you experienced this before. You opinion are precious!

Pls click the below link , it will shown the husky picture, the skin problem and so on.


By the way, Is spca can help this dog. I worried i can't taking care him for so long. it is because my neighbour start complaining me.A lot out there scolding me as stupid/crazy to bring the trouble home.

I wish to rescue this dog, but seem i doing nothing to him. I hope someone can quickly take over this dog,eg. spca?

At night, he will starting caried whole night. What i done is take him in into myhouse then only can have a silent night.

Hope to hear from you all very soon.

Thanks and regards,

Nazaj 04-07-2006


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