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Swim Gathering @ Puchong Lake

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Dog Kichi

May 19, 2007, 12:15 AM

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Re: [jack_tan] Swim Gathering @ Puchong Lake [In reply to] Can't Post

lucky you. we still havent resolve his eating disorder (i think it is called this rite?)

anything even his super duper favourite food - cesar or yogurt mixed with kibbles he wouldnt even sniff.

and of course i dont feed him cesar much - too expensive.

yes. my mom boil chicken breast meat and mix with rice. he eats but for max 2-3 days only. sometimes we have to fry with a little soy sauce. even he loves the food, he will be bored after several days of the same food. Unsureso we rotate the food. sometimes boil chicken liver, sometimes pork liver, sometimes canned dog food (currently he is ok with a brand called dog's choice - frisian or something. ) sometimes we just mix with our food. we are not so particular. my previous dogs lived over 14 yo with normal scrap. but vodka is sensitive to fish. so fish is a NO NO.

guess what is vodka's fave food?! SPICY food. so sometimes if we cook curries, we mix a little and he will lick clean his bowl. sambal also does the trick. mom use to give him bits of chilis when she was cutting them and he finished them in split sec and would ask for more. Unsure so i guess he is one HOT dog. ahahhah Laugh

really... dunno how to solve his eating habit. really frustrated when he dont eat.Mad... my previous dogs all very healthy and most are fat and one heheh obese Tongue. this vodka so thin i sometime i call him - san gau kau (hokkien for skinny dog).

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