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Serious problem wif my pup pls help


Apr 24, 2006, 4:43 PM

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Serious problem wif my pup pls help Can't Post

hi everybody ,

i hope u all can help
My pup has a serious problem , her ear got sumsort like dead skin or dandruff on her ear i clean it when bathe her, but after few hours it comes out again ... both side of the eye oso have , if i din clean after few days it becum very hard
it seems so geli . N i think she feels ithcy n keep on scratching her head n head .. cause her ear bleed n
her fur on her eye n mouth dere oso drop .... i have braught her to vet twice it din works .. the doctor
juz gave her injection , 1 shampoo n 1 pack of medicine ... laz time her whole body got tat but was cured
now juz left her ears n face there so hard 2 b cured ...
pls help


Apr 29, 2006, 1:19 AM

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Re: [lin_seang] Serious problem wif my pup pls help [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi, my dog has the same problem when i adopted her from SPCA. The difference is she has the problem all over her body, not only ears like your pup. She had serious dandruff problem and there were dried skin on her stomach due to the wound. She scratch herself badly every 3 seconds.

I suspect it is due to the food which she took before i started to feed her with kibbles. Now i feed her with 5ml cod liver oil and kibbles (not premium brand, just normal brand) every day. Also i groom her everyday. Bath her once a week. I also encourage her to drink more water because i saw some comments in forum saying that if the dog gets too "heaty", this might cause rashes. Then put some cream on the critical spots. also, i use herbal spray on her skin and coat in every 2 days. She doesn't like it but no choice la.

After 3 weeks, i can see real improvements on her skin and coat. Less scratching and no more dried skin. Also, her coat is shinning and soft.

However, the problem came back recently. This happened when i mixed some canned meat (lamb and vegie flavour) to her kibbles. She likes it so much of course. But i have to stop feeding her with the canned meat because i am worried there's something in the canned food that is causing her skin problem.
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Jul 1, 2006, 8:36 AM

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Re: [luv_pipi] Serious problem wif my pup pls help [In reply to] Can't Post

Avoid using cod liver oil - can lead to hypervitaminosis A

You are better off using omega 3 or 6 oils - either fish/salmon oil or primrose oil.

These are much safer. Optimal daily dose rates - approx 1000 mg of omega 3/6 oil per 6 kg of dog.

Can try lower dose initially (e.g. 1/2 dose) if you find the flatulence/fishy faecal odour offensive.


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