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worry about my new puppy- BIBO (silky terrier )


Mar 6, 2006, 8:15 PM

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worry about my new puppy- BIBO (silky terrier ) Can't Post

i got my puppy last saturday . he looks healty and great. male . 6 month

maybe because this is only 2nd day in new environlment.he stay at the pet shop for last 6 month . he very scare of everything new.

i bought him a cage . but i didn't close the cage actually. i think he feel more comfortable to stay inside ...evethough the door is open , he will stay inside...another thing is he look so nervous and keep reverse when i wanna to give him a hug , i am so worry that he unhappy and look so quite.

at the first night. i found he never sleep at all..little bit worry.
but the second night, i turn up the tv, when he looking at the tv programme which girl is argur with a men. he start angry and make noise, but still never barking.

he still show that very afraid of me and my bf, and this what i worry. i have 2 dog before bibo, but they are quite active and never afraid of us .

I just wonder that is it the problem he almost 6 month only stay with us, make him feel so uncomfortable? the 2 dog i had before , use to stay with us since 2 or 3 month

i need some advsie to make him open his mind and do anyone can tell me is this just a normal thing that puppy in the new place ?

hope he will get better and better


Mar 6, 2006, 11:15 PM

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Re: [fiyaloh] worry about my new puppy- BIBO (silky terrier ) [In reply to] Can't Post

Maybe this pup had some bad experience in the petshop.

I think you need to slowly build up his confident. Be patient with him. Better lower ur voice while you need to scold him for doing something wrong & also bring him out more often to meet peoples and other doggies.

You can't really train a dog with a shy & scare temperament to becoming 100% confident dog. I alway told to new dog owner treat/train your puppy with love not punishment.

K9 Kaki

Mar 7, 2006, 8:11 AM

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Re: [fiyaloh] worry about my new puppy- BIBO (silky terrier ) [In reply to] Can't Post

HI ... like Chris said... yr pup may have some bad experiences. Once I foster a dog named Snowy... she would hide under the table n not come out to eat / drink .. she would wait till we all r gone n she would creep out. I let her b for days... to discover her surrounding but will chat with her as I go about doin housework. She hardly dare to move or make mistakes.... n would not look at me. U can see fear in her eyes.... but I discover tat she loves to eat tis milk treat n would extend to her each time n she would come n take.... then I also found out she loves to walk... but didnt like the leash... so I gave her a long leash so she walk far ahead of me.... It takes months b4 she feels comfortable but we did not fuss over her. Dogs with bad experiences are nervous n scared. It will take sometime to trust you so you have to b patient.
Snowy was adopted last year n her adopted family told me she is now the queen of the house. She failed in her first home coz the owner was impatient with her but her 2nd home she passed with flying colours coz the kids were gentle with her n they love her dearly.
Try to discover wat yr pup likes.... n work from there.
whether its 2 mth / 6 mth a dog which is well adjusted would not show sign of fear... only a dog which had bad experience do tat.


Mar 7, 2006, 5:16 PM

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Re: [mbless] worry about my new puppy- BIBO (silky terrier ) [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi, thnaks for the advise as above Wink

Yesterday night he finally feel comfortable and when we make sound he will turn his head to look at us..and he also find a place which at the corner of balcony to pee & poo..i m so happy that he able to find his own place to pee poo at the same area.he was able to walk out the cage since yesterfay and also this morning..but just still don't know his own name when we call him ..haha

hope he will get better & better everyday....

K9 Kaki

Mar 7, 2006, 7:41 PM

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Re: [fiyaloh] worry about my new puppy- BIBO (silky terrier ) [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi ... err jus sharing my experience... Snowy was 1+ yrs when she came to my house.
Happy to hear that yr pup makes progress d. Speak to him softly n all the time.... n enjoy him while he is like tis too...coz when he discover u love him... hmmmm .... u will have other headache....hahaha.
In time he will know his name as u repeat it.
All the best to Bibo n U. FrownFrown


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