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NEED Help Urgently...Violent Dogs Attack


Feb 2, 2006, 7:53 AM

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NEED Help Urgently...Violent Dogs Attack Can't Post

  My dog was bitten by a gang of dogs who hangs around in front of my neighours house...the irresponsible owner of the dogs leave 3 of their dogs[mongrels] outside their house and they have been being a big bully recently. And unfortunately my dog was one of their victim yesterday...Frown

Yesterday 3 of them bitten my dog as my dog ran out of the house without us knowing it...The irresponsible neighbour of mine has 2 dogs in their house. And 3 other more dogs which are strays which they feed everyday but they are not allowed to be in the house.Therefore, the owner of the house keep 5 dogs...2 inside and 3 outside the house...

I m not the only victim, as a motocyclist fell down from his bike thanks to the stupid 3 dogs which stray outside my neighours house...The dogs chased the motorcyclist and he paniced followed by falling down to the ground...And i myself saw many other stray dogs which seem to bypass my neighbours house getting bitten innocently...Human bypassers also were threaten as they tend to bark and chase ppl that by pass the hse...And most of all the owner doesn't care, even when he saw my dog being bitten by his dogs which he allow to walk free outside his house...He even dare me to make a report. I tell u i was really pissed wit the bas3rd owner...Imagine ur dog getting bitten and the owner of the stray dogs are watching and not doing anything.

Therefore, i hope u guys can help me out by telling me wat should and can i do to make the irresponsible neighour of mine to have as much trouble that i can possibly cause...Wat number should i call in order to call the MPSJ to come take away the 3 strays which are outside their house?? Wat do i need to make sure the strays will be taken away successfully...And how do i make the owner of the strays to also be charged. Really hope u guys can help me out here...

My poor dog was injured on the legs, thighs and his ears...He was lucky that we ran out and scared the 3 stray dogs out of the way..if not, i cannot imagine wat will happen to him...Thanks for reading and hope u provide me wit some useful feedbacks...Or mayb tell me some similar experience u guys had. TQ


Feb 17, 2006, 7:38 PM

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Re: [sanziro] NEED Help Urgently...Violent Dogs Attack [In reply to] Can't Post

This is what i can suggest to you in order to get the guy paid for what he did.

Most of all you need evidence that the dog belong to him it doesnt matter they stay with him or not...as long he fed the dog for more that 3 month continuosly, the dog belong to him..
This is wat u can do...take picture of him feeding the dog and anything that show that the dog know him well..
Then you can take petition from your neighbourhood complain about those violent dog you call them....
Then sent your report back to the police station and DBKL/MPSJ who ever responsible for your area.

Remember everything you do need prove..prove that those dog is acting volently and all those who we can make sure we are not simply pointing finger to one and other....

Just remember, when MPSJ/DBKL ppl come to capture those dog, be prepare or make sure all your guys dogs are secure inside the house until those dog is capture...one dog runway, accident capture, you have to go and claim your dog at the pound fast b4 they put them for adoption or to sleep..

Providing the picture of the dog will be nice so they can make sure those violent dog is catch....

Hope this help

Cheers ya,

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Mar 17, 2006, 4:02 AM

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Re: [sanziro] NEED Help Urgently...Violent Dogs Attack [In reply to] Can't Post

i don't think is wise for you to mentioned the breed of the dogs that attack your pet, as this is a public forum.

i do feel sad to hear about your pet unfortunate incident, but your comment could be misleading to some viewer.

Pacco de Mongrel
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Jun 26, 2007, 11:05 PM

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Re: [Amanda85] NEED Help Urgently...Violent Dogs Attack [In reply to] Can't Post

agree with amanda, so much so i sympathize with ur dog, but this is a dog forum and mongrels should be respected too!! its not bout protecting your own dog's interest and laying the blame on less kinder breeds and executing plans to extinguish the poor strays. the mongrels are homeless and thus have to rely on the food placed out in front of ur neighbour's house and unfortunately has marked their territory there.


Apr 23, 2008, 11:03 PM

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Re: [sanziro] NEED Help Urgently...Violent Dogs Attack [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah, I read about your story and can understand the situation happening. Maybe Nicky's suggestions can work, all you need is proof, so it will be fair to both parties. We cannot simply point fingers without proof as according to the law. As to be fair on both side, I personally think that your neigbor needs to be educated on responsible pet ownership and if he does not have proper facilities to own such number of dogs he should have done something else instead of feeding the dogs only and not confining them. Care does not come in the form of food only as it will create other problem as well if you were to "own" the dog as we all need to live in harmony. As because of the food the dog has "mark" their territories there thus endangering life and other resident's safety might be at stake.

No offense taken, but I felt that you have the responsibility to restraint your dog within the boundary of your premise. If it is to be taken out, it should be on leash under your supervision at all times. To save him from running over by cars and dognappers too!Pirate

As for the word "mongrel" I own mongrel too, she is on my avatar hehe.. I think even if purebreds are left stray on the street, chances are, they will be equally creating unwanted nuisance, since they are still dogs. Hope people who own or rescue "mixed breeds" out there doesnt mind, since he is just saying the truth and maybe not discriminating?Shocked


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