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Two Rottweiler Attacking Student!!!


Jan 9, 2006, 10:24 PM

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Two Rottweiler Attacking Student!!! Can't Post

Pelajar Tahun Empat diserang 2 Rottweiler

Oleh Azahar Hashim KULIM:

Seorang pelajar Tahun Empat terpaksa menerima 15 jahitan di lutut serta pangkal pahanya selepas diserang dua anjing jenis Rottweiler yang dipelihara jirannya.

Kejadian berlaku kira-kira jam 5.30 petang kelmarin di Taman Keladi, di sini ketika mangsa, S Kumaran, 10, berada di depan rumah pemilik anjing berkenaan.

Ketika kejadian, mangsa dan dua rakannya yang juga adik beradik, T Darmendran, 12 dan Arvindran, 11, hendak pergi bermain bola sepak di padang berhampiran.

Sebelum kejadian, ketiga-tiga mereka dipanggil pemilik anjing berkenaan yang bertanya sama ada mereka mengganggu anjingnya.

Bapa Darmendran, R Thinagaran, 41 berkata, ketika dua anaknya bersama Kumaran lalu berdekatan rumah itu, pemiliknya bertanya jika mereka mengganggu anjingnya.

“Anak saya dan rakannya memberitahu mereka tidak tahu mengenainya,” katanya sambil menjelaskan ketika itu, anjing terbabit berada di dalam pagar rumah jirannya.

“Bagaimanapun, ketika pembantu rumah pasangan terbabit membuka pintu pagar untuk membuang sampah, tiba-tiba dua anjing terbabit menerkam ke arah kanak-kanak berkenaan,” katanya ketika ditemui di rumah Kumaran, di sini, semalam.

Thinagaran berkata, melihat keadaan itu dua anaknya serta rakannya cuba melarikan diri, tetapi Kumaran terjatuh lalu diterkam dua anjing terbabit.

Beliau mendakwa, satu daripada anjing itu menggigit lutut kiri Kumaran menyebabkannya berdarah.

“Anak saya kemudian memanggil saya dan ketika keluar, saya melihat dua anjing berada berhampiran Kumaran dengan seekor daripadanya sedang menggigit kakinya.

“Saya bersama beberapa jiran kemudiannya keluar untuk membantu mangsa dan selepas melihat orang ramai datang, anjing terbabit lari masuk ke rumah tuannya," katanya.

Thinagaran berkata, beliau kemudiannya membawa mangsa ke Hospital Kulim untuk menerima rawatan dan membuat laporan di Balai Polis Kulim, kira-kira jam 11 malam kelmarin.

Berikutan kejadian itu katanya, Kumaran yang bersekolah di Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (SRJK) Tamil Kulim kini tidak dapat ke sekolah dan berada dalam keadaan trauma.


(This post was edited by chrisong on Jan 9, 2006, 10:28 PM)

Dog Kichi

Jan 10, 2006, 1:03 AM

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Re: [chrisong] Two Rottweiler Attacking Student!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

oh my. not another rottie UnimpressedUnimpressed
in memory of SNOWY
tho we onli have 10months to be with each other but its the best..
visit my blog. mouseeyuns.blogdrive.com


Jan 10, 2006, 9:51 PM

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Re: [cute_doggy7] Two Rottweiler Attacking Student!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

I can guarantee the kids actually disturb the dogs. Smae thing happen to us. Every morning when I wake up I can see many rubbish and stone out side my gate. When I come back from work, same thing happen. Stick also can see into the gate where the dogs sleep. Firecrackers will be thrown into the house during festive season. My housemate actually carry a hammer and waited outside.

Crazy peoples. When they see me brought the dogs out, they purposely grab something in hands and show some threatening position. How do you expect the dog do not attack. Luckily my dog response to voice command. The rotty in my work place is still puppy yet people will try to disturb him. Sudden movement and noise will always excite him. Some kids are crazy, like to play ball in front of him. Once there is one kid brough a kitten towards the rott and show him.

Actually the dogs are innocent. It's their instinct. Kids also not entirely at fault. The one should be blame is the parents.


Jan 29, 2006, 2:34 AM

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Re: [coffee] Two Rottweiler Attacking Student!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

agree!!!!...those people really dunno how to teach their child..i remembered my late gsd used to be very scared of fireworks,every chinese new year or hari rayashe will always hide in the house shivering even skipping her meal..damn it.., thanks to those malays who threw fireworks to her when she was a puppy, since then everytime she saw malay walked pass my house she will bark alot..

K9 Maniac

Feb 28, 2006, 1:56 AM

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Re: [coffee] Two Rottweiler Attacking Student!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

My rotties are subjected to these problems all the time. When I take them out for walks, we get people threatening my dogs with walking sticks. My dogs are trained and they usually ignore unless some stupid fella decided to be threatening to close to us. Hey, rotties are very protective of their owners.

Otherwise, kids always kacau my dogs when they walk or cycle by. One thing I really trained my dogs to obey without fault is that they never can leave the gate perimeter even though it's open despite cats or dogs going by.

I feel really sad because the breed is really wonderful. Must admit some rottie owners are damn irresponsible and not fit to have them.

Dog Kichi

Mar 3, 2006, 3:15 AM

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Re: [robros] Two Rottweiler Attacking Student!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hey, you guys got rottie but i've only got min pins. Real difference in size but they get similar treatment from some kids around the neighbourhood too!!!

My 2 small ones is kept in the house unless when we are home, might let them play in our compound. We did see kids come up to our gate (when we are out of their sight) and do all sort of thing to provoke them. How do you expect the furkids to react whenever they pass by our house? Sometimes this happened with their parents / guardiant's presence but than, the adult couldn't be bothered. But when we come out from the house or called the furkids, the adults might call the kids or the kids will suddenly act like the innocent ones. Well, that happened pretty often till once i've caught them disturbing my furkid but they were happily "kacau" my furkid and didn't notice i've came out of the house & i'm walking halfway to the gate, i went strait to the kids (and that's with the adult's presence) and tell them politely to stop doing such nonsense and warn them if they continue disturbing dogs, one day they might got bitten. All of them quickly appologise (incl the adult) than ran off and since that incidence, we have not seen them repeating it. or may be they are more careful now! hahahahahah


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