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Did i do anything Wrong ?

Dog Kichi

Dec 3, 2005, 1:40 AM

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Did i do anything Wrong ? Can't Post


Need your help to see, did i do anything wrong ? I keep my dog in a back yard wet area behind my condo with a door separate it from the kitchen

I wake up at 710am, open the door, let her out to toilet n pee poo, sometimes she will pee n poo in toilet, sometimes just pee but sometimes none and sometimes she already pee n poo at the backyard. Then, i will clean up the backyard, with clorox and dry it up. Sometimes duno why she wake up so early and poo, koz the poo even harden. Den i will clean her leg if she step on the pee or poo oni i let her in the house n i will prepare her food and den feed her n den i willl wash up. Sometimes immediately after makan she will go straight to toilet n poo but wont pee sometimes she duno why poo in the house :( den she will kena hantam from me la. Dun wanna hantam one haaaaaai ........ den after she poo, i will clean up the toilet and den will lock her in there to pee, once she pee will let her back to backyard n i go to work. I leave a full tumbler of water for her but it finished when i get back, duno whether she spills it or she drinks them up.

When i m home, sometimes she will wait for me, sometimes she will not , she poo, but pee she sure pee liau koz she is at home for so long liau, 8am-630pm, i will be away from home, as usual i will see if she step on her pee or not, if yes clean up the leg n den let her into house, if she wanna pee n poo, she will do it, den i will clean up the back wif clorox n den dry it up and den give her food n den she will go poo, sometimes not immediate, den i will play soft playing wif her, sometimes she wont poo after dinner n will poo about 1030pm. Will put her in toilet n let her pee n poo be4 put her back to backyard again if we r going out, if not, she will be running around the house. Oh yea, i don't take her out for walk everyday, no time, isit gonna affect her ? Only take her like 3 times weekly.

We wil put her to peepoo one last round b4 putting her back to the backyard.

From this daily schedule, need all you guys help here to see, did i do anything wrong ?

Thanks alot, having a down life recently doing all this cleaning as it is taking up too much of my time. Please help fren, thanks.

Yours in the World of Animal,
Woof Woof


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