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Breakdance on Own Pee Poo ?

Dog Kichi

Dec 3, 2005, 1:23 AM

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Breakdance on Own Pee Poo ? Can't Post

Unsure fren,

I know GR's are water lovers, but me dog, aiyo duno how to say la, sometimes i give her a fully filled water tumbler, she will spill it n roll herself all over it, if i don't , she will sometimes pee n roll all over it. Isit normal or is my dog had been conditioned wrongly ?

Normally i will do all PooPee crate training well and she is doing well but the thing is sometimes when i put her into her play pen she duno why will suddenly pee n just lie on it or sit on it, as we all know the urine will cause the body to kena rashes but she just do it anyway. I understood from book this is because she is anxious and then she ter-pee and she can't help it, well for a 4-5months dog isit still like this ? Still can't control ah ?

Just wondering what can i do to solve this. It seems she is doing this to get my attention, sometimes i put her back she is unwillingly go home, she will pee, sometimes even poo, n qhen i go in n clean she will be lying guiltily, does she do this on purpose to get me in there n attention or isit just she still can't withold her pee poo.

Help friend, help, cause i am getting really tired cleaning up her pee n poo EVERYDAY. Will this nightmare stop,when she grow up ? It's taking too much of my time away. I expected to be like this b4 i get a dog but not this much time ler.

Yours in the World of Animal,
Woof Woof


Dec 6, 2005, 6:34 AM

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Re: [woof] Breakdance on Own Pee Poo ? [In reply to] Can't Post

I think your dog has some behaviour problem. I hope some experts can help you with this. For me, puppies like to play with water, natural for them to over turn their water bowls but if sleeping on their own urine, wild animals do that to scent mark themselves and their territory.... but for you dog... a bit weird, I hope someone can anwser you soon. Good Luck.

Willy, my beloved shih tzu (22 March 1994- 8 August 2005) May you rest and live happily in Rainbow Bridge with the rest. You will forever be deeply missed by all.

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